Women who criticise women

When I started the blog I knew that, showing me, I would have had a lot of criticism. Actually I immediately changed my mind, even the people I imagined could have something to say have appreciated the spirit of my blog.

Considering that each of us has our own personal tastes and personality, it is not hard to believe that even aesthetic tastes don’t coincide. The fact that not everyone likes the same things for me is a wealth, think about how monotonous life would be if we all dress in the same way.

This doesn’t mean that I cannot appreciate those who wear differently from me, in fact, there are items of clothing that don’t fit my body but can be beautiful on a woman with a different physicality.

Offenses on social networks

I can recognize who has good taste in dressing, even if she wears a  different style from the one I like.

It is for this reason that some comments that some women (almost always the same people) leave on my facebook page, leave me perplexed, comments like: what a horror, ugly, who you believe to be, it is scary.

I thought that insults on social media were only Italian, but a research by the British think tank Demos analyzed the flow of tweets and found that 50% of the offenses to women come from other women.

But what leads women to offend and insult people of their sex?

Envy, low self-esteem, frustration, dissatisfaction are some of the hypotheses made.

I personally don’t know, but I don’t understand why you cannot disagree in a polite way, instead of: “it sucks“, I would prefer: “I would not wear it because I have different tastes“. It would be a nice way to express a different opinion, without losing style and manners.

Among the things most criticized by other women there is the physical aspect: weight and age are the main discriminants.

With my blog aimed at women over40 and over I intend to promote and support the beauty of uniqueness. It is this different being that makes us special and beautiful.

I invite all of them to support other women and to enjoy together the beauty and the uniqueness of each one of us. Let’s make the world more beautiful.

Grimilde the witch by Walt Disney

Rita Palazzi
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