What is real freedom?

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I happened several times to read in magazines or see in social media about mature women who rejoice for freedom, finally conquered.

The freedom they refer to is not to dye their hair and not to buy clothes or stop wearing makeup.

When I listen or read these statements, I remain quite perplexed.

I admire women who decide not to dye their hair anymore because they want to change, while it is difficult for me to understand who does it because it is difficult to take care of theirselves. Even with white hair (that is beautiful) we must continue with the sessions at the hairdresser: a good cut and styling performed by expert hands make us look more beautiful anyway.

Taking care of yourself is not tiring

Don’t you think it is depressing to look at yourself in the mirror and see yourself as an untreated and sloppy person? It is not so hard to dress with care that doesn’t mean wearing shoes with high heels and elegant clothes, but pay attention to the combinations and the final result.

When I was twenty I never put on make-up, but now that I’m abundantly over fifty I see myself better with a trick of makeup, I like myself more and I could not give it up.

In the countryside I wear “work” clothes to cut the grass, put wood in place, prune roses and even at work (remember, I am a physiotherapist) I always wear gym suit and sneakers to be free to show the exercises to my patients that they have to do at home, but as soon as I have the opportunity (and for me the opportunity is also to go shopping) I dress carefully and with good humor. I really enjoy creating a new style every time, based on mood and situation. Just a pair of jeans and a vest are enough to be chic (link).

The clothing reflects my character and my way of being, also feeds my self-esteem, if I had to give up creating my style and wearing things in a way, for me, without meaning I would not feel at ease.

For me it would not be a conquest, but a defeat.

A cared person shows great respect for others as well as for herself and this at all ages.

If you give up with your own appearance slowly everything becomes tiring and energy and curiosity decreases every day. I am reminded of my mother who said at 77: “I don’t want to dress like an old woman” and, after passing her red lipstick on her lips, went out to buy her colorful clothes.

But it isn’t for everyone like that, maybe there are those who live with joy the abandonment of shoes and clothing to live in a new way.

So freedom is doing what makes us feel good about ourselves, regardless of our choices.

I would love to know your opinion …

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