Caresses and kisses: lost pleasure

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How long is it that you don’t caress someone or that you don’t receive caresses?

This post will seem strange, but for a while time I reflect on how certain behaviors are lost with time.

Embraces, caresses, kisses are actions that occur when we love someone and we receive when we are loved.

Not just from a partner, but from a child, a friend, a mother, in short, from any person with whom we have a relationship of love.

It seems that these manifestations are no longer appropriate when children grow up, mothers get older and the marriage relationship is dated.

But is it possible not to feel tenderness for the people we love? Is it possible that the stress of work, the frenzy of life and the rudeness that surrounds us deprive us of acts that are not only gratifying, but also the physical demonstration of what we feel?

I wonder why there is embarrassment for gestures of love and there is no one for rudeness.

I have already written that when I was in Naples last month, I was amazed at how many couples embraced and kissed in public. I was amazed because I usually don’t see many, while there are many couples who watch the cell phone while they are together.

Perhaps the frantic use of mobile phones, the need to show what we do on the social mislead us from what we could do with the person next to us: talking, laughing, taking a hand, looking into the other ‘s eyes

The pleasure of keeping the relationship with the partner alive

Women often tell me about the lack of attention from their partners. We all suffer from these shortcomings, each of us would like to feel a princess in the eyes of our loved one.

If you want to reappropriate the tenderness that is natural at the beginning of a relationship, you start with gestures that manifest it. A caress, a kiss, the taking of hands are not the absolute prerogative of young people: I claim the right to tenderness even for us over50.

Rediscovering the pleasure of certain small attentions is healthy for every relationship.

And if you don’t have a partner, for more than one reason, embrace a friend, your sister, your mother: the pleasure of such a gesture is the same and will fill your heart with joy.

When you are more than half your life, you start budgeting. I have decided that, since what remains to be lived is much less than what I have lived, I will try to surround myself only with people that I think are kind. I don’t consider it useful to waste my time, become precious, with those who don’t give me joy.

And I will try to keep the promise I had made to myself after the first big loss, not to skimp a kiss, a hug or a “I love you” to people who are close to me.

Don’t you think the world would be better?

with my nephew Riccardo


with my beautiful mom


Rita Palazzi
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