Io Donna and the greynaissance

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Saturday 2 June Io Donna the digital weekly of Corriere della Sera has published: The new influencers are 60 years old: it’s time for the “greynaissance”.

They talk about women over fifty and how they managed to redeem “transparency” given by the age that, until a few years ago, characterized this period of life. Beautiful, bold and powerful is a real rebirth of “gray hair“.

I thank Michaela Bellisario, the good journalist who wrote the article and the director of Io Donna, Danda Santini, for having dealt with the topic that is particularly close to my heart.

Being mentioned together with great women like Isabella Rossellini, Benedetta Barzini, Lynn Slater and many others is a great honor and a great reward for a lot of work. Along with me, all the bloggers who helped me to realize Real Women Day.

I recommend you read the article because it is very interesting, at this link:

press Not Only twenty

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