How to protect yourself from sunlight damage

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Summer is synonymous with heat, sun and … tan!

Which of us doesn’t feel better with a darker face?  You immediately feel you are healthier.

In reality, the inconsiderate exposure to sunlight can be really harmful to our skin and our health. To avoid unpleasant problems it is important to follow some simple tips, especially at our age.

First of all it must be said that  sun is responsible for 90% of premature aging of the skin and already this may be enough to take the right precautions.

It also induces a thinning of the epidermis, promotes the formation of dark spots, has negative effects on collagen and increases wrinkles, as well as being responsible for various skin diseases.

 But it’s not all harmful, the sun helps us to produce vitamin D that is essential for the bones and the immune system and helps us to prevent different types of tumors.

How to take advantage of the sun

To benefit from the sun’s rays with vitamin D production it is necessary to make short regular exposures instead of sporadic long exposures.

The exhibitions will start from 5 minutes up to 20/30 minutes in three weeks, without a sunscreen and done early in the morning. At this point we have filled up and we have to start using sunscreen creams.

Tips to avoid burns

Use creams with high protection, repeat use every 2/3 hours and after bathing.

Remember to use sunscreen even on cloudy days.

It is important to protect the head with a hat and use sunglasses.

Avoid exposure to sunlight from 12 to 15.

Drink a lot of water.

Avoid burns, these are the cause of melanomas (dangerous skin cancers), so no to prolonged exposures and during the hottest hours.

Remember that, as my dermatologist always says, skin has memory and today’s sunburn can cause damage in the future …

By following these simple tips you can enjoy your holiday in good health, have fun!

wellness Not Only Twenty

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