Abdominal fat: because it is important to reduce it

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It’s some time I talk about how each of us must absolutely accept and like herself as she is. We know that over the years it is very easy to put on few pounds and it is very important that this makes us feel beautiful and happy, proud of what we are. A belly doesn’t hurt anyone and, frankly, I like it too.

We must, however, be careful that the abdominal fat is not excessive, not for aesthetic reasons but because it is an indication of potential diseases.

Because abdominal fat is dangerous

The abdominal fat, unlike the fat located in other parts of the body, is also distributed inside the abdomen, around the internal organs.

In addition, abdominal fat, or visceral fat, secretes certain substances that can raise blood pressure, adversely affect cholesterol levels and the body’s ability to use insulin. All of these can increase the risk of cardiovascular disorders, stroke, type II diabetes and other serious diseases.

Abdominal fat and weight

Abdominal fat is also dangerous in normal-weight people if the fat is localized only at the level of the abdomen. So even if the body mass index is normal, but the location of fat is only in the abdomen, the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stroke has doubled.

Paradoxically, overweight people, if they have fat distributed throughout the body, are less at risk. This is what the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota has discovered with a survey of 15,000 people.

The cause of abdominal fat

The causes of the increase in abdominal fat in addition to age, which with the hormonal variations brings an increase of fat in both women and men, are an excess of carbohydrates in the diet, foods too rich in animal fats and an excess of sugar over at reduced physical activity.

It would be useful to replace the carbohydrates of flour with the carbohydrates of vegetables and fruit, and if you cannot do without bread, pasta and desserts, you should still limit their consumption especially in the evening.

Eat white or lean meats and fish, legumes (without exceeding) and lean cheeses like ricotta. It is essential to reduce the portions of the food.

Green tea, ginger and cinnamon produce drinks that help to reduce fats.

Physical activity and health

Everyone knows that physical activity is equal health and the Mayo Clinic study proves this.

In fact, the diet associated with physical activity reduces abdominal fat more significantly than diet alone.

Walking for an hour three times a week or half an hour for six days a week helps to reduce fat, as well as weight and aerobic exercise.

Do not underestimate the lifestyle: those who are stressed have more abdominal fat than those who aren’t, also a good sleep helps the body to be more fit.

The importance of muscular work


Aerobic work: running and walking


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