Let’s debunk a myth: you don’t lose your belly doing abs

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Many people believe will lose abdominal fat doing abs: nothing is more wrong. Often even my patients ask me to teach them the exercises to lose the belly and they remain very bad when I tell them that there are no exercises aimed at losing fat localized in some areas of the body, if someone says this thing you don’t have to believe him,  he is lying to you.

Over the years, the body undergoes changes (some of these reversible), such as the increase in abdominal fat and this is clear that does not make much pleasure, but we must love ourselves and try to improve our appearance without being too critical, we had already talked about it in To accept our body.

It is undeniable that toning the muscles causes more burns. A larger muscle is equivalent to a greater number of muscle fibers and to a greater size of these, consequently a larger muscle burns more than a small muscle. You can workout with the abs exercises until death and continue to see your belly that doesn’t lose an inch. This can be very frustrating and doesn’t lead to the desired result. But don’t give up, if you want to reduce abdominal fat you have to combine strengthening exercises with aerobic work such as walking, running or cycling. Aerobic work causes fat to lose all over the body and therefore also the abdominal fat.

Aerobic work, strengthening and diet

If you have joint pain, running is not recommended, it is better to opt for the walking (which must last not less than an hour) or bicycling. If you want to start your aerobic work I suggest you read the two articles about running and walking and how to make sure you do not get hurt.

With age the fat increases and the muscle decreases, muscular work is not enough if not combined with a healthy diet. Eating healthy means reducing the amount of sugar and fat, so desserts are almost banned, eat a proper quantity of carbohydrates and protein (not more than 70/80 grams of pasta), many vegetables and fruits. Follow the advice of a nutritionist and choose the food routine most congenial to you, soon I will tell you my choice.

Finally, do not reduce the hours of sleep, a good sleep helps us lose weight!

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