Useful advice for emergency different color of the hair root

Speaking of the turning point that a woman can give to her image, leaving her hair white, not all of us(including myself) still feel ready for this drastic choice (White hair: ready for the change?)

But then how can we overcome the visible white root if this occurs after a while that we have dyed our hair? Let the white roots visible is one of the most depressing things that a woman can do, in fact the hateful white at the root of our hair makes us look unkempt and with little love for ourselves.

If you decide to dye your hair you have to do it and do not let the white part is evident, if you decide that you don’t have time to go to the hairdresser often, leave your hair white or use little tricks.

“Natural” advice

The first advice is to keep the hair voluminous if you don’t have an appointment for the color but the white part starts to shine. If the hair is not pulled, but has little volume it is easier to mask the regrowth.

If you have a central or lateral line do not make it clean, but try to give a little zig-zag with the comb, this makes the white of the roots less evident.

Another chance awaiting color is wearing hair bands or scarves that in addition to being fashionable are able to cover the base of our hair, this could be a fun game combining the bands to the clothes.

 Hair root cover-ups

If the previous tips are not applicable or don’t meet your needs you can use products that serve to temporarily cover the white part of the hair. The spray to cover-up  hair root is ideal if you want to postpone the meeting with the hairdresser, a spray and white hair is covered, in different shades depending on the brand, the product can be eliminated by washing the hair. Depending on the brand you can use them both on wet and dry hair. Prices range from 7 euros to around 20. Effective and fast.

An alternative to spray is hair mascara. It is used as the mascara for eyelashes: with the brush on dry hair starting from the base, once applied you must wait until the product is dried (usually no more than 5 minutes) and you’re done. As for the spay, it is eliminated by washing the hair. It is not suitable for those with very thin or fat hair.

You can also opt for the hair stick, use it like a lipstick and remove it with a wash.

Practical considerations

I haven’t personally tried the products and I cannot say if, passing the hands in the hair they remain stained, but the reviews of the spray Toppik are not exciting, people who tried it discourage the use just because the color remains on the hands or on the pillow or on clothes that come into contact with the hair. The same thing I found on YouTube for the product Collistar, for the Oreal spray the criticism is on the fact that the product opacifies the hair and makes it “stiff” where it is passed.

Ultimately dear friends, maybe it is better to put a nice  head band or turban and make an appointment with the hairdresser for the classic coloring or use the products shown as the last solution in an emergency situation.

If you have also had experiences with these products let me know what you think.

Rita Palazzi
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