Gucci fashion show for Autumn / Winter 2018

Gucci fashion show left everyone speechless: amazed, astonished and even doubtful.

Models that carry the replica of their heads, sweet girls who cradle baby dragons and snakes, eyes that appear on the fronts in a pale green surgery room.

How not to be shocked?

Alessandro Michele is a creative genius, his genius is perhaps too much for fashion, but for sure it is perfect for cinema. The effects of the show, in fact, took months and months of work together with the best Cinecittà special effects technicians, but was it necessary to have the severed heads paraded?

Andare we sure that the location doesn’t hurt the people who really need that environment right now?

Were not dragons and snakes enough to express the fantasy side of Alessandro Michele?

The imaginative world of Alessandro Michele

In this imaginative way, Michele wanted to focus his attention on his work, in fact, he explains his collection for next autumn/winter: “it reflects the craft of the designer who cuts, sews and rebuilds materials and fabrics to create a new personality and identity ».

In the collection there is everything, even a clear reference to a multiracial humanity.

Flowers, stripes, patterns, logos and so on and so forth.

Masks, foulards tied in a matryoshka style and hats with the strangest shapes (even a pseudo pagoda) decorate the models’ heads.

The overlapping of colors and patterns seem like mixtures of styles and shapes that make everything less than enhancing the shapes of female and male body, indeed the body doesn’t exist, it’s like a mannequin where a series of garments are placed in a completely casual way : dresses over trousers, with over sweatshirts and more.

Quite difficult to wear not just for prices.

We thank Vogue Runway for the photos of the show.

Rita Palazzi
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