White hair: ready for the change?

Beauty Not Only Twenty

Jamie Lee Curtis

How many times have you cursed the hateful the different color of the roots already evident after not even two weeks that you have dyed it at the hairdresser? It happens to me very often.

My white hair intensifies, so it is more and more evident the different color of the roots  and not a few times I thought: I leave them as they are, I do not want to dye them anymore.

The thought lasts few seconds because the idea of ​​seeing me with white hair makes me freeze the blood, I’m not ready yet, if I ever will be.

And don’t think that I do not appreciate the canute or gray hair, I like it a lot, but I think it’s not my time yet.

White hair yes white hair no

The discussion on white hair: yes or not  affect many women and each of us is on one side carrying forward with vehemence their point of view: those who love to dye would never be seen without, who instead had the courage to do this choice (no dye) would not come back.

I said courage because, in my opinion, it takes a good dose it to give up the dying even if it is a great slavery, I see it as a surrender to old age and this doesn’t make much sense since I promote with my blog the beauty of women of all ages and sizes.

I don’t see  getting old as a disease, but as a part of life where there is so much beauty and so much energy, so letting the natural color of hair proves its age shouldn’t be a problem and it is not when I see women who have made this decision, but my rebellious spirit, that makes me feel “young” (not a twenty-something missing, but an energetic fifty), prevents me, for the moment, to take this step.

White hair is trendy among young girls who bleach their hair to create “artificial” white and also many actresses and models have turned to non-dyed with amazing results.

Which side are you from? Are you ready to leave your hair natural?

Watch this film shot by Magestic Film for the Salone Regina in Piacenza, four women tell the story of their choice.

Beauty Not Only Twenty

Vanessa Redgrave


Click on the link to see the movie   http://bit.ly/2fxQzd1

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