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Sabrina Carrozza e Lucia Giulia Picchio

During my days in Milan, I had the pleasure of attending the presentation of Lucia Giulia Picchio‘s book. Siamo così. Vocabolario di salvataggio per donne dopo i 40. (Giunti Editore, euro 12.00)

That is a book dedicated to how the meaning of words changes after forty years.

Lucia Giulia Picchio wife, mother, teacher and writer for passion is a beautiful woman, lively and fun and on the occasion, accompanied in the presentation by the good journalist Sabrina Carrozza, told some anecdotes about the writing of the book and read some passages.

The public, all female, interacted in a very lively, getting involved by the cheerfulness of the author.

I want to compliment you for your very inspiring, ironic and truthful book, I think that each of us can recognize each other in her words.

I couldn’t resist the desire to know Lucia Giulia better, also because she comes from the fashion world and I found many affinities with Not Only Twenty.


NOT: Lucia Giulia before talking about your work as a writer I would like you tell our friends who you are.

LGP: I am a woman who is fortunate to have, since the early years of her life, a great passion: that for words. I followed it and it took me to sit down first on the benches of the classical high school and the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Literature and then on a chair of French Language and Literature. But continuing to follow it also showed me the way to make my life one of the best places to live, one in which I need only a blank sheet or a keyboard to realize my greatest dream: to write. And by dint of believing it, dreams have become books and blog pages .

style at 50 Not Only Twenty

NOT: How was the idea of ​​the book born? Why did you feel the need to write it?

LGP: Siamo così is my sixth book, and like everyone else it was born from the desire to reconstruct and recount the imaginary of women after forty, an age of profound transformations, of great internal evolutions and also of great difficulty if not it is tackled with baggage of (self) adequate awareness. Starting from the awareness of the value of the words with which we call and choose our life: this is why the choice of a vocabulary in which, word by word, I decided to mark the boundaries of a world and an era of our existence in which to change is not only our life but also the words with which we call it.

NOT: What do the 40 represent for you?

LGP: Forty years are a turning point for me, a sort of turning point after which nothing is more like before: professional, family and personal life during this period of our lives evolve significantly and end up changing many of our awareness. It’s a moment of big budgets that often prelude to big changes. And fortunately! It is an era of great opportunities.

NOT: Fashion has played an important role, especially in the first part of your life. How would you define your style (intended as an expressive form related to clothing)?

LGP: Fashion has had a fundamental importance in my life: I was born and raised in a family that has always worked in this sector and I have never seen it as the purely external expression of luxury or futility, but as a way to interpret your taste, your personality and your physical appearance. I grew up listening to the careful advice that my father gave to his customers convinced that every time he was not just selling a dress but giving each of them a dream, an opportunity to live better. I grew up with this idea: the dress is something that stands out and that has to tell what’s inside. And since inside me at this moment there is the care of a femininity discovered more decisively in the last ten years, even my style is careful to tell it but without excesses: the management of the curves to which I had to stick since girl, taught me to make choices that, beyond my tastes and my aspirations, give harmony to my physical appearance and cover the defects. Let’s say that I never managed to get rid of the feeling that fashion because in my house was a job, should be treated as a serious thing, and therefore always with sobriety and balance.

NOT: Your style has changed after 40?

LGP: It has changed in the sense that I am much more determined in the choices, I have learned to understand what fits me and what not, and above all I learned to dose the details of femininity without exceeding, especially in the depths of the necklines, which was initially one of the workhorses of my femininity found after maternity and post-pregnancy.

style at 50 Not Only Twenty

NOT: Do you think there is an “appropriate style based on age”?

LGP: I believe that each must have its own style that over time must remain consistent with ourselves, our physical appearance and the life we ​​lead. Where for consistency I don’t mean rigor but good taste: nice to keep daring every now and then, but also nice to have a style that is adequate and functional to the life we ​​do and above all to our physical appearance. I have learned from an early age that not everyone can wear everything, but we can all be well dressed and attractive if we know how to choose. And above all if we know how to dare.

NOT: In your opinion is it always legitimate to play with fashion to express yourself, at any age and with any size?

LGP: Of course! I graduated with a thesis on fashion as a system of signs in the novels of Balzac and since then I have never stopped thinking that, from the nineteenth century to today, fashion is one of the most complete and fascinating system of signs through which a woman can communicate, tell, express and have fun. It is a challenge and also an art to know how to choose the right ingredients from time to time with which to do it. Never give up!

NOT: What do you think of the world of fashion blogging?

LGP: I think it’s an interesting phenomenon that has created movement and trends. It is a fruit of our time but I have never been interested in making big feats. As Tamara De Lempicka said, “I don’t follow fashion, I make fashion”, that is, I make my choices and I don’t like to follow those of others. I make my own fashion. What that tells about me.

NOT: Can a fashion blogger’s style tips help women feel more confident?

LGP: Can I be honest? In my opinion not much. Safety a woman should always find in herself, in the fact of being liked regardless of what she wears and the dress should be just a way to have fun to appear for how she is and not for how she would be. Then there are practical tips, aimed at enhancing or improving some aspects of your body that can instead be very effective in order to give more security to a woman who has none or who cannot dare with clothing, but they are advice that can give a friend with a good eye and good taste, a trusted retailer, but certainly not a fashion blogger, usually filiform and with a body that most often doesn’t correspond even remotely to that of an over forty. It is different if the fashion blogger in question is one of us.

NOT: Networking between bloggers is useful, even if we talk about different topics?

LGP: Making a team between women is always a precious resource. The ancients called it koiné, and so I also call it in my last book, the all-female attitude of building a network of mutual support, based on the complicity and conviction that those who can run in drums certainly arrive at the finish line.

NOT: What do you think of the new interest that media and fashion world have on women over 40 and over?

LGP: I think it is the confirmation of what I think and that led me to write two books on over forty: ours is an age of great excitement, desire for change and new awareness that increase the determination of each of us to choose, improve and invest even economically in all that can finally correspond and improve.

style at 50 Not Only Twenty

Lucia Giulia Picchio and Beatrice Pazi

NOT: What do you think about female beauty after forty?

LGP: I think it is more than ever the result of a mix between inside and outside. I have never been an admirer of the “beauty of the donkey“, that is of that concept of purely external beauty made of perfect curves, makeup, wigs and fashionable clothes, and today more than ever I think that for a woman after forty the concept of feminine beauty must be linked to that of fascination and that cannot and must never be separated from the intelligence, the culture and the class with which a beautiful body accompanies. Defects included.

NOT: Style and lifestyle tips for over40s and over?

LGP: What I suggest to all over forties is to fill our lives with passions that can give us a positive and full perception of ourselves: at that point, finding a style that represents us will be a very pleasant and intriguing game.

NOT: What are your plans for the future?

LGP: Among my projects is that of continuing to promote this book that came out less than a year ago but that still has a lot to say and to give: I wrote it in six years and the 224 pages that I handed over to the my readers are the synthesis of many meetings, so many comparisons, so many confidences and so much life that I would like to continue to tell and make known. And that I would like to continue to grow, perhaps with a volume two of this vocabulary that every day is enriched with new words. And new enthusiastic readers: the best confirmation to go on.



Dear friends, what do you think? Do you agree with Lucia Giulia? Write it in the comments.

And if you want to know her better, buy her new book: Siamo così. Vocabolario di salvataggio per donne dopo i 40.

style at 50 Not Only Twenty


style at 50 Not Only Twenty

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