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Greetje Kamminga is a nice and beautiful Dutch fashion blogger with a great aesthetic taste as well as a great sense of humor, creator of the blogNo Fear of Fashion.

It is precisely this ease of her smile and her ironic way of interpreting fashion that I love her and that prompted me to ask her this interview, I’m sure you’ll love it.

NotOnlyTwenty: Greetje can you tell us when and why you decided to start your blog No Fear of Fashion?

Greetje Kamminga – No Fear of Fashion: It started after I found Sylvia’s blog/site: 40PlusStyle, she had a forum, open to everyone who wanted to upload their own outfit photo. Which I did. Sylvia and I became friends (she is Dutch too), one thing led to another and she encouraged me to start my own blog.

NOT: No fear of Fashion has an incredibly engaged readership. What do you think is the secret?

GK: I am dead honest. I always reply to every comment and email within 2 days. And most of all (I think), I always try to make my readers laugh. In every post should be something to laugh about. That entertainment streak in my character prevails over my vanity. If I have a very funny photo of myself looking terrible, it will go on the blog.

NOT: Do you think that women feel the society’s pressure to look fashionable, even in their 40-something and over?

GK: That totally depends on your own character. I am sure there are women who don’t give a fig. But if you are working in an office with lots of women who do look fashionable, then I imagine the pressure might be there.

NOT: Style advices from a fashion blogger can help women to feel more confident?

GK: Yes, if the advice is caring enough. Women who don’t feel confident are vulnerable. You have to guide them softly. I think 40PlusStyle does a great job and that is not just because Sylvia is a friend. She is really good. I stink at it as I don’t even know how to style myself half of the times. Getting better though.

interview Not Only Twenty

NOT: Where does the style advice stop and where does rule begin?

GK: Rules should be guiding you. They can be helpful when you don’t know much about styling. As those “rules” are often based on experience what works. As soon as the rules become silly, ignore them from the start. Like in America where you are not supposed to wear white after a certain date in the year. I mean .. WHY NOT?

  1. NOT: You don’t have to be young to have style, but how important is budget?

GK: A large budget helps. Definitely. In all aspects of life. But I have quite a few friends (and not all skinny) who look a million dollar on a very small budget. The trick is they know how to style themselves. It is a gift. But you can also get there with sheer perseverance.

  1. NOT: Who inspires you the most in fashion?

GK: Nobody in particular.

  1. NOT: Who is the most inspiring woman (more generally, not only about fashion), and why?

GK: It may sound like I am copying other people, but I would really say Iris Apfel. My goodness that woman has so much style, is so much herself and has achieved so much in life. A very creative, no nonsense person.

  1. NOT: What blog do you follow the most; and why?

GK: Blogs of women who don’t take themselves too seriously. Who can laugh about themselves. Who reach out to their readers and let you into their lives. Why?? Because I love friendship and interaction with like-minded people.

  1. NOT: How do you describe your personal style?

GK: My style is all over the place. I know I really love necklaces and jeans. But there is another side of me, liking dresses, high heels and pretty skirts. Unfortunately in Amsterdam, jeans are the main thing. Which means my wardrobe is too low on skirts and dresses. A pity.

  1. NOT: What factors influence your style?

GK: Where I am and with who I am. I have an Italian blogger friend (besides you): Daniela of The Pretty Cute. When I go to her, I will come back with dresses and skirts, all feminine things. When I am in Amsterdam with my “Shopping Saturday” friends (the name says it all I think), I will most likely come home with trousers and sweaters.

NOT: How does your style change with age?

GK: My body changes and I take that into account. Wearing mini skirts is great with my legs but looks very odd with my older head. So I have lowered the hem to the knee. And because of all the wrinkles in my chest the neckline of my shirts is higher. Oh, and I always wear ¾ sleeves. Not because I think I ought to hide things, not at all. But because I think I look better that way. No judgement on other women who act differently. I mean, I wear boyfriend jeans and sneakers at the age of 63. That is not age appropriate, but who cares?

NOT: Do you think women should dress ‘age appropriately’ and what does it mean to you?

GK: No I don’t. Everybody should do what they want and what makes them feel good.

NOT: What do you think about the current Italian fashion industry?

GK: I don’t know much about the Italian fashion industry, other than Italy is the most creative nation on earth to me. I love Italian brands like Max Mara and Piazza Sempione. So well-made, such good designs.

interview Not Only Twenty

 NOT:  In your opinion is it always licit to play with fashion to express oneself, at whatever age and whatever size?          

GK: Why on earth not? Is there a law that forbids this? I don’t think so. I have seen very full women wearing floaty dresses that look stunning on them (and would look bad on me). And petite women who know exactly what suits them and what not. Size and age do not matter in expressing yourself through clothes. More like the contrary.

NOT : What do you think about the fashion blogging world?

GK: Actually, I don’t think about that at all. There are good blogs, pretty blogs, professional blogs, funny blogs, engaging blogs. The only thing I keep hearing is that fashion bloggers over 40 are much nicer to each other than the young ones are. Personally I have no experience with younger bloggers so I wouldn’t know. But I do know that the over 40 fashion bloggers are very helpful and kind.

NOT: A secret for success with social network

GK: I don’t understand this question. Do you mean “Are social networks the secret to success?” If so: I think that yes, you need to be out there are much as possible. You need to be very visible. Social networks are like advertising media. And you better provide good content otherwise you are missing the point.

NOT: What do you have to say about the growing interest on over 40 fashion bloggers?        

GK: No idea why that is. Is it finally getting through to people that interest in fashion and looking good does not die when you become 40?

NOT: Style and life suggestions for the 40 and over?                                                            

GK: Style suggestions: always take a photo of your outfit in the mirror before you approve or disapprove of it. A photo says much more than a mirror. No idea why. Perhaps there is more “distance” looking at a photo, even though that sounds strange.

Life suggestions: don’t take things too seriously. Laugh. Also about your own mistakes. Forgive. Don’t judge so hastily. In other words: relax. Take good care of your body by watching what you eat and by exercising.

NOT: You’re plans for the future?   

GK: Oh gosh, I should have plans, right? Hmmm… when I have more time I want to exercise 3 times a week instead of 2 times (even though I hate exercising, but it is sooo good for your body). And I want to learn Italian. Yes I do. I think it is a beautiful language. I might start a second blog in Dutch instead of English. And I want to learn how to spend less money on clothes as it is becoming an addiction which needs to be ruled. That is it really. No life changing stuff. I am happy the way I live.

interview Not Only Twenty


interview Not Only Twenty


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interview Not Only Twenty


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interview Not Only Twenty


interview Not Only Twenty



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