How to take care of themselves: elasticizing cream

Christmas holidays have passed and we have had time to finish the supply of sweets we had at home,  if even you, like me,  need to lose the 2 or 3 kilos taken during lunches, dinners or appetizers that have characterized the period, you have to take care of yourself and get an elasticizing cream.

Dear friends we all know from personal experience that with the passing of time even the skin loses consistency and elasticity, it is for this reason that if we plan a minimum weight loss we must ensure that it doesn’t worsen the situation of our epidermis.

For this reason it is necessary to use an elasticizing and nourishing cream.

My choice went to the cream proposed by the Italian company Rilastil..

Body elasticizing cream: how to use it

I had previously used body products from this company, which can be bought at the pharmacy, and I have always had good results. For about 10 days I’m using body elasticizing cream and I must say that the appearance of the skin looks better, at least more hydrated. Hydration is a feature that I really appreciate in a body cream because I have a very dry skin, especially on the legs, which in winter also tends to flake and, especially in winter, I can hardly find a cream that keeps the skin velvety all day.

The elasticising cream by Rilastil is able to do it, but there is a downside!

The cream is rich and takes time to be massaged, do not think you can solve everything with a few minutes because you would find all the garments stained.

But this too is part of the time we have to devote to ourselves, if we do not get caught up in the frenzy of things we have to do during the day it is nice to indulge in things that give us pleasure and that are just for us as a massage

The elasticizing cream can be used all over the body.

Rilastil describes it like this: Treatment of high tonifying, moisturizing and smoothening power on the superficial layers of the skin which helps to maintain the right level of skin elasticity and contrast its loosening.
It contributes in aesthetic improvement of skin scars.
Given the rich and creamy texture, it is particularly suitable for prolonged massage.

Always of the same line are available both the oil and the ampoules that I have not tried yet, but that surely I will go to take to complete the treatment.

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