Christmas gifts: lots of ideas

Dear friends we are now close to Christmas and, if you still don’t have clear ideas on what to give to relatives and friends, try to take a look at the gift ideas that I propose.

Because it is very nice to make the right gift, which fits the tastes and passions of those who receive it, but often we are running out of ideas and the time to wander around the shops in search of the perfect object is poor if not null. In this case we don’t despair, we still have the opportunity to make happy the people we love by buying the chosen items online, being comfortably seated in an armchair.

To order online you must find secure sites and be careful with shipping times so as not to risk that the gift arrives after the party.

I have chosen for you gifts suitable for every taste and budget, things that I would like to receive or give away.

I have focused on purely feminine tastes, but if you want I can also give you ideas for your masculine gifts.

The sites from which I got the ideas are Net-a-porter and the nice Troppotogo.

Good choice!

Rita Palazzi
Written by