And of what lingerie are you?

Are you a lingerie lover or do you wear what you find first in the drawer?

Do you match the bra to the panties or don’t you worry about the combinations?

If for clothing it is easier to find dresses that many women like for underwear women have their own rules, some also dictated by physical constitution.

To each her intimate

Generally women with small breasts tend to choose padded bras, which normally do not make big breasted women.

There are those who love bodysuit to feel fit and who cannot stand it (I belong to this category), those who love small briefs and those who choose the high waist, who likes thong and who chooses a tank top instead of the bra.

Although the choices are very subjective and difficult to modify, lingerie always maintains its own seductive power.

Look at the underwear items I have chosen and tell me if you can resist the temptation to buy one to feel more beautiful.

Rita Palazzi
Written by