Radio Lombardia: friday 8 December Coaching Hour with Davide Schioppa

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Like all the second Friday of the month, Friday 8 December at 11.10 back as a guest on Radio Lombardia with life coach Davide Schioppa for another episode of Coaching Hour, a program that deals with current topics in a new way (you can listen the program from all over Italy by downloading the radio app).

All episodes tackle a specific theme, of which Davide talks to his guests.

The topic of the next episode is: Beautiful beyond all limits. How to make yourself feel beautiful?

But not only: it is an interactive transmission, which also wants to involve listeners. If you also want to actively participate in the transmission and say your opinion, you can send your audio message to Davide Schioppa at +39 392 2141100, which will choose the most stimulating ones to listen to during the program.

The topic is really interesting, you know well that Not Only Twenty encourages all women to see their beauty, which is not just taking care of your body and paying attention to clothing, but it is above all what we are and is about our experience, with proven joys and sorrows. To believe in oneself and to have self-esteem is the thing that allows us to express our qualities and makes us proud of our uniqueness, which is our beauty, overcoming the limits imposed by media such as size and age.

What do you think about it? Do you agree?

I await your interesting comments on the subject, meanwhile for those who missed it, I’ll listen to the first episode of Coaching Hour, aired on November 10th.


Rita Palazzi
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