Hats, what a passion!

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Although there are a lot of accessories I like, some are really a passion.

One of these is the hat!

I love hats of all the shades, colors and materials, and I must confess that cannot resist tempting to try them when I step inside shops selling this type of accessory. It is very unlikely that I can get out of a hat shop, even if I’m abroad!

It’s right abroad and precisely in New Orleans that I’ve found the biggest hats shop I’ve ever seen in my life. I recommend you enjoy having a look at Meyer the Hatter  site to find all the types of hats that have made the movie history!

Can you guess what’s the hat I bought in New Orleans?

Another beautiful shop is Carrel in Lyon and here I always have to take a look every time I have the opportunity to visit this beautiful city of France.

In Siena Momi cappelli & accessori is a small shop, but very well stocked.

Short history of the hat

The hat name comes from the Latin cappellus, which means a small hood to repair the head.

The hat has ancient origins, already in ancient Egypt the pharaoh covered the wig with a red cap or a white tiara. In ancient Rome, however, the hat is considered a little virile and they prefer to cover their head with  a limb of the toga.

Over the centuries hats change in size and shape, but at the beginning of the twentieth century the hat becomes the accessory for excellence.

Hats and style

Have you ever noticed how the hat, adapting to our head, changes its size and shape, giving a different look to our person?

Try to wear hats of different shapes and you will find that each of them is able to enhance an aspect of your personality, making you a fatal, dynamic, sporty, fluent, romantic woman

I really like the chameleon power that  hats gives us and the chance that it gives us to play with fashion and styles.

My object of desire? Dior leather cap!


fashion at 50 Not Only Twenty

Dior leather cap

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