How to make-up for winter

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I never go out without little mak-up, especially  in winter when the tanning has abandoned us.

This has been since I was aged, when I was young I never went out with make-up on my face.

Things change, and in the new consciousness and acceptance of myself, there is a component that love yourself. Loving yourself, in this case, is to use a bit of make-up to make yourself more enjoyable.

The make-up for an intense look

I like people’s eyes, which are often able to talk more than their mouths.

For this reason I try to give more light to the look using eye shadows in the shades of brown.

The new limited edition Dior palette has some beautiful colors, some mother-of-pearl, some with golden flakes for a deep look. The texture is soft and uniforms well, I like a lot.

In addition to eye shadows I usually stretch the eye even with a soft eye pencil always in brown.

Finally the mascara, of course Dior. In the new soft tube that prevents waste and clumps, Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume Mascara increases the volume of the eyelashes giving depth to the look.

Red fire lips

Finally, lipstick, my preference is for reds and mat, that is, opaque lipstick.

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried Dior lipsticks that, in addition to having very beautiful colors, also have a particular texture that moisturizes the lips keeping them soft.

The color par excellence? The 999 Rouge Dior.

Now I feel ready to start the day with energy and optimism because life is beautiful!

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