Beauty is timeless, YOUth says

beauty routine over 50 Not Only Twenty

I had the chance to try the YOUth beauty creams and already the name that refers to youth, but focused on the person seemed interesting to me.

When I opened the box containing a revitalizing action cream, a richer and nutritious cream for mature skin and an emulsion for eyes and lips, I was favorably impressed by what’s written inside it: “Ours is the best age , every day “and I started trying the products with enthusiasm.

It was enthusiastic not only for the product mission, but also for having all that’s needed to nourish and tone the skin of the face and neck.

Before mentioning the products, a mention of the truly beautiful and sober packaging: silver for Revitalizing Cream and gold for Emulsion and Anti-Age Cream.

When to use the revitalizing cream

I used the 24H Day Revitalizing Cream as a base for makeup.

Creamy pale pink texture, the cream is very light and penetrates quickly leaving your skin hydrated and dry. Enjoyable on the skin, the feeling, as the name suggests, is that of long-lasting moisture, in fact, the face remains fresh and soft all day.

24H Revitalizing Cream contains: excellent jaluronic acid for skin trophism, Argan oil for skin softness, powerful antioxidant vitamin E, strigate oily extract from soothing properties.

Cream to use in the evening

In the evening, after face cleansing, I used Anti-Age Cream, much richer and more nutritious than Revitalizing. Easily absorbable leaves the face hydrated and non-anointed.

The cream for mature skin contains: hyaluronic acid, shea butter for improving skin elasticity, vitamin E, stimulant collagen bulbine Frutescens extract.

Along with Anti-age Cream I used the Eye & Lip contour emulsion, with the practical dosing device a small amount is enough for eyes and lips. Very fluid and moisturizing already applied you have the impression of greater tissue compactness, it can be safely used even in the morning before the make-up.

The emulsion contains: jaluronic acid, vitamin E, almond oil.

My opinion is extremely positive  after two months of use, the  face skin seems to have a brighter, more toned and hydrated look.

The only blemish is Dimethicone in the products, I would have preferred without.

YOUth is an Italian company that manufactures skin beauty products in Italy.

You can buy the products with great value for money online directly from the YOU-th website.

beauty routine over 50 Not Only Twenty


beauty routine over 50 Not Only Twenty

Rita Palazzi
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