The beauty of aging women

stile e fascino over fifty Not Only twenty

The October issue of Vogue Italia magazine is titled The timeless issue, entirely dedicated to âgèe women.

Those who follow me know it already, because I’ve been talking about Fb these days, but it’s such an important event that I wanted to dedicate a blog post.

The protagonist of the cover and fashion service is the beautiful actress  Lauren Hutton, who at the age of 73 shows us a charm and a sex appeal that have no equal.

And, as Hutton says in the interview, Vogue Italia has had the courage to represent an attractive, full of life, smiling woman who is an over-70-year-old woman.

What do bloggers want?

By now the commonplace that old age means only physical decay and ugliness no longer corresponds to the new way of living the passing of time.

Even the clichè that beauty could only belong to young people has been broken off: beauty is not only to have some delicate connotations, but it is our experience, the pains that have marked us, and the joys that have exalted us, it’s how we move, we talk, are our thoughts, it is not just the envelope but also the content that has gained importance. And so the experience of a mature woman is definitely very interesting and often very fascinating.

The article Noi turbononne regine del web analyzes the phenomenon of women who have reached a certain age and created an Instagram account to tell something about them.

The ways to tell are many, often touching the grotesque, to amaze and provoke as the ninety-year-old Baddie Winkle with three million and two hundred thousand followers in her extreme looks. Or simply these are women who have opened the Instagram profile and their blogs because they haven’t found something that could represent them. Like the 63-year-old fashion blogger Lyn Slater of Accidental Icon, who states that  in fashion, age is a variable that shouldn’t be considered anymore. And like me, who I decided to open Not Only Twenty because I didn’t recognize myself in what I saw in magazines and in what was the collective imagination on women over, she is representing mature women as self-assured, independent, educated and fascinating .

 The revolution of mature women

Adult women claim the right to dress as they want without limitation, they claim the right to feel beautiful and desirable even if with some wrinkles, because this is precisely the revolution: accept us for what we are!

The times of plastic surgery seem to have short life, we women over don’t want to look like dolls and don’t want to be homologated, because our uniqueness is our beauty.

Look at Vogue’s photo shoot with model Benedetta Barzini, with her wrinkles and her marked face is an impressive beauty.

More and more present in fashion shows and looked for not only by designers, but also from the most disparate brands as testimonials women over 50, over 60 and over 70 invent a second life.

I recognize myself perfectly in this movement. In fact, Not Only Twenty is a blog that supports the beauty of women at all ages and claims the right of women to wear what they like and what makes them feel well without limits, and this is why it has been mentioned in this issue of Vogue Italia as the Italian blog dedicated to mature style. I am very happy about this, because it shows that something is moving around us too.

stile e fascino over fifty Not Only twenty

Model Benedetta Barzini


stile e fascino over fifty Not Only twenty

Blogger Baddie Winkle


stile e fascino over fifty Not Only twenty

Actress Lauren Hutton


stile e fascino over fifty Not Only twenty

Fashion blogger Lyn Slater by Icona Accidental

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