At age 69, model Maye Musk is CoverGirl testimonial

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Model Maye Musk (pic via CoverGirl)

It is these days the news that the 69-year-old model Maye Musk will be the new testimonial of the beauty brand CoverGirl.

I learned the news with great satisfaction because, as you well know, I exalt women’s beauty at any age, and this is the confirmation that even cosmetic brands are moving in the right direction, do you recall the demand made to companies in post The charge of the over fifty models? It was exactly like having over fifty women testimonials for aging products.

Maye is the “oldesttestimonial of the brand that seems to want focusing on diversity.

When she started modelling at 15 , Maye would never have imagined having such a long career. Appeared on famous  magazine covers such as Elle Canada, the model has grant her face and body  to various advertising campaigns besides having walked the catwalk twice at New York Fashion Week.

Natural looking models

“I do not want to look like a 50-year-old, I’m proud to be 70.

At 60, after dying my hair for a long time, I decided to see how natural they are, cut short and dyed of a very pale blond, then multiple job offers were raining, “says the 69-year-old model.

What Maye Musk teaches us is to be ourselves and don’t want to look like much younger women, are winning cards.

At present, women accept the passing of years with less stress, there is no longer the race to be 20 or even 30 at 50 or 60 years.

We women want to be ourselves, with the beauty of our age, trying to be at the best of our potentialities (see post Forbidden to say anti-ageing).

Unfortunately, there are those who still don’t give up on ageing and as the model over seventy Benedetta Barzini said, still on the ridge of the wave without retouching and without injections, in an interview with Libero newspaper: “Behind these seventy-year old women that have had plastic surgery and wearing miniskirt there is despair, intellectual misery, and fragility. ”

So we women accept our age and the passing of years fearless because nobody can steal our beauty!

beauty over fifty Not Only Twenty

pic via Forbes


beauty over fifty Not Only Twenty

pic via Daily Mail

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