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Our column Introducing women continues . Today is the turn of the American Jessica Jannenga, author of the blog Elegantly Dressed and Stylish. Jessica will tell us how her blog was born, how she has turned a negative aspect of her life into a positive stimulus and everything she thinks about the world of fashion and blogs over 40.
With her very feminine and attentive style she will show what overseas women like. Enjoy the reading!

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Jess, the strength to turn a dark period of her life into a positive one

 NotOnlyTwenty: Why and how , in your your forties, did you decide to start your blog Elegantly Dressed and Stylish?

Jessica JannengaElegantly Dressed and Stylish: 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a rare connective tissue genetic disease. It causes muscle pain. I wanted a diversion and something to keep my mind off of pain, but something that would interest me creatively. I love fashion, and began to look up Over 40 fashion blogs. Elegantly Dressed and Stylish is EDS- an acronym .

NOT: Elegantly Dressed and Stylish has an incredibly engaged readership. What do you think is the secret?

JJ: I think the most important thing is to be yourself, answer comments and have a report with the readers. I love to present outfits and tips to ladies that I think will be helpful in styling their wardrobe.

NOT: Do you think that women feel the society’s pressure to look fashionable, even in their 40-something and over?

JJ: In a sense, however, I do feel that women over 40 are going to wear what they like, and what makes they feel the best. Most of the women I know don’t adhere to societal “fashion rules”!

 NOT: Style advices from a fashion blogger can help women to feel more confident?

JJ: I think women enjoy getting tips on how to wear garments, and we all look to others for inspiration. Confidence it a big part of feeling comfortable in what you wear in general.

fashion bloggers over 40 Not Only Twenty

NOT: Where does the style advice stop and where does rule begin?

JJ: I don’t believe in “fashion rules” especially all of the ones that are written about Over 40 women. Do not wear mini skirts, do not wear this or that.. It is all about confidence and feeling good with whatever you are wearing.

NOT: You don’t have to be young to have style, but how important is budget?

JJ: I do think you don’t have to have a designer wardrobe, that is for sure! Purchasing “investment pieces”, thus quality over quantity will make your closet go further. Also, there are great finds at thrift stores. Plenty of ladies I know combine high and low ticket items.

 NOT: Who inspires you the most in fashion?

JJ: I love feminine, elegant ladies. Helen Mirren on the red carpet always looks glam. I also think about Grace Kelly as having timeless style.

 NOT: What blog do you follow the most; and why?

JJ: That is tough. I do go to plenty of over 40 blogs as I like to get a diverse look at style.

NOT: How do you describe your personal style?

JJ: I love color, texture and feminine style.

 NOT: What factors influence your style?

JJ: As mentioned above- color that is flattering to my skin tone, fit ( most important) and comfort, mood.

 NOT: How your style changes with age?

JJ: Believe it or not, I used to wear all black! I have EDS- Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a rare connective tissue disease, and I was dressing for my mood at the time.

NOT: Do you think women should dress ‘age appropriately’ and what does it mean to you?

JJ: We touched on this earlier. I don’t believe in the term, “Age-appropriate” but believe women should wear what they want, be creative, as long as they are confident in what they are wearing. You want to present your best self.

NOT: In your opinion is it always licit to play with fashion to express oneself, at whatever age and whatever size?

JJ: Absolutely! I majored in Music/Music Education. After getting sick, I needed another creative outlet and writing a fashion blog became it for me. I think fashion should be fun, exciting and creative.

NOT: What do you think about the fashion blogging world?

JJ: I love fashion blogging and the people I have met through it. I gain inspiration from other bloggers, as well as have formed lovely relationships with women. Over 40 fashion bloggers are more on the scene now than even when I started 3.5 years ago, showing that this age group and older loves fashion and enjoys being creative.

fashion bloggers over 40 Not Only Twenty
NOT: A secret for success with social networks?

JJ: Let me know! hehe. Really it is about engaging with other people, sharing interesting content, joining groups that can help advance your blog, or those in which you have common ground.

NOT: What do you have to say about the growing interest on over 40 fashion bloggers?

JJ: I think it is wonderful! I know so many fashionable ladies over 40 that love style, fashion, expression. We are a growing group of women who are also supporting one another.

NOT: Style and life suggestions for the 40 and over?

JJ: Be yourself! Do try to experiment with fashion and try new things. This is one skill I have gained from blogging.. trying new things with my wardrobe. Confidence is key with whatever you are wearing.

NOT: You’re plans for the future?

JJ: To continue to grow Elegantly Dressed and Stylish, enjoy writing. I enjoy meeting new bloggers, collaborating with Brands that I respect and that represent my style, introducing those Brands to my readers

I also plan to pick up my guitar again and we are going to be visiting Rome and Sorrento next year!









fashion bloggers over 40 Not Only Twenty


fashion bloggers over 40 Not Only Twenty


fashion bloggers over 40 Not Only Twenty


fashion bloggers over 40 Not Only Twenty


fashion bloggers over 40 Not Only Twenty


fashion bloggers over 40 Not Only Twenty

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