How to have a velvety skin with the scrub

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Are you back from your holidays with a dry skin? No fear: the solution is a scrub that helps us lose the dead cells quickly.

The scrub is a gentle gommage on the skin with products that contain abrasives, granules or microspheres.

It is precisely this mechanical abrasion that allows the dead cells and impurities to be removed, leaving the skin polished and bright.

How to use the scrub

Body scrubs should be done no more often than once a week, preferably with damp skin, making circular movements from the bottom up, avoiding the groin and axillary area. After application, rinse the skin well and, if necessary, apply a moisturizer.

You will immediately notice a smooth, velvety skin.

Alma K stimulating scrub for the body

I chose the Alma K scrub that contains antioxidant-rich white tea extracts, natural oils such as olive oil, sweet almonds, argan, sesame, sunflower and dead sea minerals.

Already when you start your massage while the granules stimulate the epidermis, the oils contained in the scrub soften the skin and soothe the stress of abrasion, in addition to its scent that inhols and relaxes.

I like to do this kind of scrub the night before I go to sleep, I have the impression that the softness of the skin and its perfume are able to favor a restful sleep.

I also chose it because it is attentive to our health: it does not contain parabens, petrolatum and mineral oils added.

Then indulge in half an hour of pampering to stimulate the epidermis and senses.

You can buy it in perfumery at 18 Euros.

come avere una pelle luminosa a 50 anni Not Only Twenty

Rita Palazzi
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