Motorcycle holidays: Rivodutri

Dear friends how did your holidays go?

My best: alternating rest and zingarate with motorcycle, so my husband calls our trips decided at the last second.

I want to tell you   about the last one.

After a few days in the peace of our country house on the hills in front of Orvieto, we decided to go to a culinary destination  in Rivodutri, good food is often one of the prerogatives of our holidays.

But why in Rivodutri?

Where to eat in Rivodutri

Because in this lovely little village of upper Lazio one and a half hour from Orvieto you will find the restaurant La trota.

A great proposal for freshwater fish
The fish is all caught in the area, full of springs, those of Santa Susanna are among the largest in Europe with a flow rate of 5000 liters per second, the waters are crystal clear.

Serva brothers have continued the family tradition, enriching the menus with high-quality revisitations.

Carp in crust of poppy seeds, tinca soup, zita stuffed, trout fillet are some of the excellent dishes offered, accompanied by a great selection of wines and a welcome reception excellent.

Funny at the end of the dinner the test on the recognition of some vegetable products turned into ice cream.

In order to be able to eat and taste the excellent wines we decided to stay at Poggio Bustone, a few kilometers from the restaurant and with a breathtaking view.

Satisfied and happy we left the next day, enjoying the spectacle of nature and central Apennine.

I suggest you try it, maybe taking advantage of a special occasion: a birthday, an anniversary, an event to be celebrated. I’m sure you will be fully satisfied as we are.

dove mangiare Not Only Twenty


dove mangiare Not Only Twenty


dove mangiare Not Only Twenty


dove mangiare Not Only Twenty

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