Over 50 beautiful and sensual

If until a few years ago they were considered “old”, now over 50 are not going to be put in the corner.

Women are active protagonists in their lives, strong and dynamic, ready to be physically fit as well, because no one wants to give up their sex_appeal.

I am confident that the multitude of actresses over 50 are still making generations of men get mad, to make a few examples we recall Monica Bellucci, Sharon Stone, Julianne Moore … the list is infinite until we reach the ultra-sixties as Helen Mirren and Susan Sarandon about whom  we have already talked in the post Transparencies and slits: how to wear them at 50.

Burying all the stereotypes on menopausal women, accompanying self-confidence, physical exercises, and some aesthetic help, the army of beautiful and sensual over fifty becomes more and more numerous.

Over 50 and love

As Monica Bellucci says, for the Paris Match Magazine, “Physical love is not tied to youth and desire does not go out with age.”

To confirm her statement, a survey conducted by Club 50 plus (a European portal dedicated to meetings over50) with 700 people: 72% of over 50 respondents make love at least once a week and aren’t going to change their habits.

All this isn’t new, we had already talked about it in the post Love after 50, it all depends on you! , But it’s always good to have some confirmations.

Who thought that getting to the 50s was how to get to the end of the line should be rewritten, life can still be full of enthusiasm and energy.

fascino over50 not only twenty

Monica Bellucci 52


over50 beautiful and sensual not only twenty

Sharon Stone 59


over50 beautiful and sensual not only twenty

Julianne Moore 56


over50 beautiful and sensual not only twenty

Helen Mirren 72


over50 beautiful and sensual not only twenty

Susan Sarandon 70


Love after 50, it’s up to you!

Rita Palazzi
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