Introducing Women: Maria Katia Doria

Call me crazy, tell me I’m a post-modern feminist, accuse me of being incurably deluded, but I love, with a humanistic love, all women. A strong bond binds us all, a commonality of the human condition. I love women, we are incredibly strong, often without knowing it.

Women, friends, sisters… we are wonderful beings and Not Only Twenty helps to remind us.

Starting today we will have a new column: Introducing Women

To start this column: Maria Katia Doria, fashion blogger, PR & Communication expert and … blonde.

introducing women: Maria Katia Doria not only twenty - fashion blog interview

Maria Katia Doria, a captivating politically incorrect blogger

Not Only Twenty (NOT): Where are you from? Can you tell us a little more about you?

Maria Katia Doria (MKD): It’s all been almost the same as the famous movie, The devil wears Prada. That is, I came in without knowing that company where I was asking for job was the most famous fashion agency in the world. It was ELITE and its founder, John Casablancas, was the one who not only invented model management but also Modeling – namely modeling classes – but also, most importantly, was the one who invented top models.

But I started by being front desk girl, without any presumption. Only being there made me happy, ythen there was the professional escalation. And all I know I owe to them. Even the surname MK, who you are also using, was born from them.

When John died, a few years ago, I cried tears of real sorrow. I was at the White for work and as soon as I found out I wasn’t able to contain myself. He didn’t only write a piece of fashion history but mine as well. He will forever stay in my heart.

NOT: How did you start blogging, with and why?

MKD: At one point communication was undergoing an important structural change, and even though I attended all the possible training courses, it seemed to be way too theoretical if I didn’t apply it to something. And so, I decided to apply it to myself. It was the only way to figure it out. Then I also discovered what I was writing was being red. In short, I started getting into it. And here I am.

NOT: Who do you imagine is your reader?

MKD: I am very alert to who likes my posts, writes to me in private or leaves me comments – including insults – and I think my target is quite varied, bloggers of all ages, who follow me and often ask for advise, then many women, but also many men. People from the business, some Italian magazines and even some big groups. In short, a bit of everything. And sometimes, I even get performance anxiety.

introducing women: Maria Katia Doria not only twenty - fashion blog interview


NOT: We know you (and love you) for your edgy style, your unpredictable words and live stories are the emblem of irony. You don’t back down in front of anyone if a collection needs to be criticized. In fashion industry, has this combative attitude ever caused you any problems?

MKD: I don’t think so. At least not yet. I have always said what I think, even too much, and I am always sarcastic. I have never taken myself too seriously. I think this is the real point. Nobody can get offended if I involve myself. Actually no, some people take it seriously and start with the insults. I think it’s part of the game, actually it makes it so popular, even though I will never give into this gratuitous rudeness.

NOT: As you write – “You can read a book even if you gave painted nails and lipstick overlooks culture” – fashion and culture aren’t opposed. Why, though, do we women always need to prove that we can be blonde, well dressed and also intelligent?

MKD: This is one of my favorite sentences because in our beloved conventional country, a cultural woman is dressed like a man, with flats, short natural hair and with Repubblica at hand. This I have always questioned. “Culture doesn’t belong to the left”. And one doesn’t need to be radical chic to read Proust.

NOT: We know your editorial style quite well, but rarely see you at the center of your posts. Fashion writer more than fashion icon?

MKD: None of this. I am not photogenic and do not whish to be on view. I only appear as little as necessary. The rest is done through my chatter.

introducing women: Maria Katia Doria not only twenty - fashion blog interviewNOT: How would you define your style (intended as an expressive form linked to clothing)?

MKD: I am not chic. I am too blonde to be, with red lipstick and painted nails. And I am not tall enough. I fidget when I speak and I often speak too loudly. I am nothing close the cliché of the chic woman. But I #dontcare. I am what I am and that is good enough.

NOT: Has your style changed after 40?

MKD: It hasn’t changed at all. I am this. Like you see me.

NOT: Do you think there is “an appropriate style depending on age”?

MKD: I think that to have a personal style it is necessary to keep spirits “high” and sizes “low”. For the rest, mirrors should be our best allies.

NOT: In your opinion is it always licit to play with fashion to express oneself, at whatever age and whatever size?

MKD: I think I have already answered.

NOT: You have been reading Vogue ever since you were 13, what do you like and dislike in fashion magazines?

MKD: Even though my libraries now contain entire collections of VOGUE – and not only – I admit to not buying anything anymore, not even the famous March or September issues. When I say print is dead I mean it. Alas.

NOT: What do you think about the fashion blogging world?

MKD: Nothing but the best, also about blogging in general. The world has changed and communication as well and those who insist on not accepting it are only tiring themselves out. The rules of the game have been changed forever and you can’t go back, ever.

NOT: Can networking with other bloggers be helpful?

MKD: Banding together would be useful, even though it is very hard within a strong competitive spirit, also more respect for other professions. Because creating your space on the web, which is practically as big as the entire galaxy, is incredibly hard. I mean, at least, for myself.

NOT: A secret for success with social networks?

MKD: Be a character. Real or fake, but coherent until the end. And keep everything “fully in line” (photos, texts, quotes, ecc.) therefore giving a convincing idea of yourself. I think it is the only possible way.

NOT: What blogs do you go follow and suggest (and for what reasons)?

MKD: If time allows, I try to follow everyone, Italians as well as foreigners. Famous and not. Only this way you can understand and distinguish new trends, changes and developments. Because it is in a perpetual shift, and quite often, what you knew yesterday, doesn’t fly today. Look at Instagram stories for example.

NOT: What do you have to say about the growing interest in over 40 fashion bloggers?

MKD: I say age doesn’t count. The attitudes and rules remain unaffected. What might change is only the age of the target audience

NOT: Your plans for the future?

MKD: Oh, everyone knows, because I always write about them. Marry my Mister Big and move to live by the sea the rest of my life.

NOT: Style and life suggestions for the 40 and over?

MKD: I can only talk about what I do myself. Beauty creams and lotions in big quantities, but only those, I would never give myself a “plastic face” and not because I condone plastic surgery, but I think we lose the soul and the essence of ourselves. And then dieting, ugh, always. But I drink a lot of coffee and smoke too many cigarettes. So I don’t think I can provide good advise.

Do what makes us feel good, do you think it can be an accurate answer? I don’t know. I do it this way.

introducing women: Maria Katia Doria not only twenty - fashion blog interview


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