Holidays in Sicily

Taormina Not Only twenty

From the memory  album a photo taken in Taormina few years ago.

Sicily has for many years the destination of our motorcycle holidays.

Beautiful land, land of culture, art and enchanting landscapes.

If you’ve never been to Palermo you’ve really lost so much: the cathedral, the quattro canti, the vucciria, the Norman palace, just to remember some of the beauty of this wonderful city, but not the only one  that worth a visit.

Taormina, the Ionian pearl

Taking the ferry with arrival in Palermo, we visited many towns the island.

One of the favorite destinations is Taormina, where the photo was taken.

Taormina lies on Mount Tauro (from which it is named), so you can imagine that it is not a flat city. A series of stairs, interrupted by the road leading from the sea to the top of the city, connect the lower and upper part of the town, giving breathtaking views.

The large square/terrace on Via del Corso offers a very impressive view.

If you don’t have difficulty climbing and descending hundreds of stairs you should book a hotel at the top.

My favorite is Villa Ducale ,from the terrace of which you can see the Etna and all the coast from Giardini Naxos to Acireale, all while you have breakfast or you enjoy an aperitif.

The restaurants offering seafood and Sicilian specialties are many and many of best quality, all this in addition to a beautiful sea (if you want the top, just move a few miles); you  can understand that it isn’t easy to replace Sicily with locations that meet all of these requirements.

The photo was taken during one of the walks we had every morning to try to dispose of the night feasts. It’s great to get up early in the morning when the city is still asleep. And enjoy the beauties that luxuriant nature is able to offer.

Rita Palazzi
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