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la frangia a tutte le età Not Only Twenty

In the same way as dresses I often want to change haircuts, if not just short, at least change look with a fringe, but doubt aches me. And if I don’t like it then?

For many years I have worn my hair with a length up to my neck, such as long without fringe and long with fringe hair.

I’m honestly not clear yet whether this kind of haircut is good on me or not and if I love it or not. When I don’t have it I want it and when I have a fringe I cannot stand it. And if yes, what kind? Horizontal or long layered bangs?

Beloved and hated by women, the fringe is the trendy detail for 2017.

To whom is the fringe good?

The magazine Glamor has devoted an article to fringe, interviewing hair stylists:

SERGIO CARLUCCI,  co-founder and Group Creative Director of Toni&Guy Italia, for L’Oréal Professionnel.
“The fringe is an accessory that is good for many women, the most timid that want to hide, those who with beautiful eyes and cheekbones want to exalt them. Because the fringe, a straight line that adds to the face, is perfect to emphasize the details. It can be a great escamotage to shorten long faces or to hide a small forehead, or to make it look wider if it is slightly layered. It also helps resize a too high, because the fringe covers one part. It lends itself to a thousand stratagems based on what you want to show. The only diktat is that the fringe doesn’t go to the chubby faces

SAMUEL MILOTIC, hair stylist e creative director BN1, for L’Oréal Professionnel.
“The common place on the fringe is to associate it with a rigid personality, with the graphic look that makes you think of Cleopatra. Or women of the ’40s, if short wearing on the regular bob. Today however, the fringe has reinvented, it is ageless and genderless. At runway shows is seen on men with long bob, while women have a more androgynous allure. There is no longer the fringe that is good to someone, because anyone can bring it …

MONICA COPPOLA, hair stylist and Aldo Coppola daughter for L’Oréal Professionnel
“The criteria to decide who the fringe is good are a little changed, the rules of the aesthetics said that it was good on those who had a low forehead to cover, or at the opposite end on a very high forehead to reproportion. While on a woman with a big nose the fringe was banned. Today, however, it depends very much on the type of woman, the personality, the role she plays, the body’s proportions. One thing has not changed: the fringe is used to give character to the face and make it unique

As you can see, the opinions are very subjective, although on one thing they all agree: the fringe is good at everyone and at all ages!

There is nothing more than relying on our trusty hairstylist and putting it in his hands, he (or she) should know our personality besides our face and be able to create the right shape.

What do you think? Are you for the fringe or not?

la frangia a tutte le età Not Only Twenty


la frangia a tutte le età Not Only Twenty


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