The importance of serum

trattamenti viso over fifty Not Only Twenty

Dear friends today, we talk about serum, often underestimated by women.

But what is this beauty treatment and why is it important?

Serum, usually fluid, contains many active ingredients that is able to transport into the skin.

Each type of serum has a specific action that treats various blemishes: from dark spots to tone loss, to low lightness, to wrinkles.

Cream, on the other hand, tends to moisturize and nourish the skin.

Hence the importance of using both: serum, applied on properly cleaned face, and cream, to be used after to enhance the beneficial effect of both.

Blu Therapy Accelerated Serum

Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum  by Biotherm is a fast-acting serum for the skin’s beauty, ensuring a fast improvement on wrinkles, dark spots and loss of firmness.

Already from the first applications the skin looks softer and brighter.

The beneficial action is due to the Alaria Esculenta algae that grows at a temperature below 16 ° and a depth greater than 35 meters. The extract of this alga has two beneficial effects on the skin: it reduces wrinkles and dark spots and delays their formation.

The recommended application is morning and evening.

A constant use of four weeks ensures an appreciable improvement in skin.

When to start treatment

I would say that now is the right time to start treatment.

Repeated sunshine baths, reduced sleeping hours, and some culinary binges can result in dark spots on the skin, lightless skin and eyes dark circles, all of which can be reduced with the help of proper treatment.

trattamenti viso over fifty Not Only Twenty

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