How to be chic with any budget

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Is it possible to be chic even without spending a fortune?

Absolutely yes.

Being elegant is not a matter of spending, it depends primarily on how we choose and match the items we have in our closet.

By following the few rules we can dress up some beautiful outfits with any budget.

Three rules to dress well

The number one rule is to buy items that can be matched in different ways.

I’ll tell you better: if you want to buy a blouse or a top, think about which pants and / or skirts might be good if worn with that garment or which accessories.

This will determine the choice of color and shape.

Rule number two: choose clothing that promote your body.

If you have wide shoulders: shirts with shoulders out, if you have a little breast wear tops with deep neckline, if you have slim waist it’s perfect to wear belts and thight tops, to make some examples.

Rule number three: make sure your outfit is harmonious, each piece being consistent with each other.

I usually try to name a style (romantic, rock, hippy, eccentric, etc) that I want to propose and look for the pieces that characterize it, helping me a lot with accessories.

To understand what I mean look at the two posts: Fashion and mood: express yourself with style and Get dressed according to mood.

By following these three rules, you can buy clothing at any price and be chic.

How to choose pairing

Dear friends, I show you a  practical example explaining today’s outfit.

Being a shapely woman  I chose a “smart” top.  A bell-shaped model, soft on the breast, wide on the hips and long enough.

The amplitude of the top hides the shapes, making me look slimmer.

White color is a guarantee of elegance, small lightweight butterflies sewn on bottom of the top, besides embellishing it, are a very feminine touch.

Under a pair of tight pants, I chose black ones to highlight the butterflies, if they were white they would flatten the decor.

High heel sandals, with comfortable heel. Very well if black or colored, as I paired them, to give some color to the outfit.

I wore my black bag because the sandals are colorful, but it’s also perfect to do the reverse: black sandals and colored bags.

Finally the choice of glasses: the black ones would be too heavy, to emphasize the lightness of the top, colored sunglasses are perfect.

We have dressed up a cool and chic outfit that we can wear from morning till night.

What do you think? Would you have made different choices?

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