To accept our body

our body at over fifty age Not Only Twenty

This week’s Remembering photo was shot at the Seychelles Islands, one of the land’s paradises and the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The photo dates back to about 18 years ago.

The thing that strikes me by looking at it is the transformation of my body: in the photo slim and toned, in the current reality curvy and soft.

I must confess that it is not easy to accept such a transformation, it requires so much work on oneself.

Because within us we always feel like when we were thirty: and if it is a very positive mental attitude, on the other we are chasing what we were with enormous psychological stresses.

Diet foods, daily gymnastics, aesthetic treatments and great guilt feelings if you are eating an ice cream or a pasta dish or if we haven’t run  with 40 degrees outside..

This is a punishment that we women inflict on us for free, since we are the strictest judges, and that makes us stressed and vulnerable.

Moreover, the pursuit of the thirty-year-old body  does not take into account what we are, our emotions, our path of life, our passions, the pain that each of us takes in and the joy that makes us love life.

Just thinking about the container seems very reductive, the content is much more stimulating.

It is very hard to look like a woman in her thirties and, I think, impossible.

How to accept our age

My idea, however, is to be a pleasant fifty age woman.

And this is possible by following a healthy diet, but it does not mean giving up ice cream, a glass of wine with friends or a good pasta dish (at this moment I think of pasta with tomato and basil, I can almost to smell it). It means not to abuse oil, sugar and white flour. Try using raw oil, stevia instead of sugar and whole bread and pasta, as a general rule.

Do physical activity: long walks and exercises to tone your muscles, ride bicycles or Pilates, but all without stress, we do not have to run anybody, we just have to be better with ourselves.

I also recommend aesthetic treatments and creams, for the pleasure of being pampered . ..

In short, we must learn to accept ourselves, because if we love ourselves, others will love us too.

The beauty of women is not measured in pounds or centimeters, but in smiles.

Serene women, not in distress because of the search of eternal youth, are for me the most beautiful and interesting.

As I was in the market at the textile shop today, I was fortunate enough to know a beautiful person with a sincere smile and gentle manners. After making the compliments for the outfit (Pucci’s shirt in the fancy of blues, pink, black and white and blue trousers), with almost shy air, she said, “I’m almost embarrassed, you know I’m 83.”

This gave me the confirmation that beauty is not the sculpted abs, but good manners  and the joy for life!

Rita Palazzi
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