Take care of yourself: toning and firming

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Dear friends, it is very important to take care of ourselves.

I know very well that time is a tyrant for all of us, but we have to make a little effort to find it to devote to the care of our body, trying to tone and firm  the parts  of our body that want to give up at the  time passing.

Physical activity and nutrition: first step to toning

Given that physical activity, as I have already mentioned in previous posts (The importance of muscular  work and Aerobic work: running and walking) is crucial to maintaining  tonic our body , especially in over forties ,and  proper nutrition is as important as physical activity, I would like to add to these two basic rules, the importance of firming creams.

What to expect from the firming creams

Let’s see what actions should be done by firming creams.

This is what is generally written in order to advertise the various products: slim and firm creams combat adiposity and blemishes, revitalize, slim down, refresh, improve microcirculation, and promote fluid drainage. These actions are carried out by the active ingredients of: green tea, essential oils, sea salts, seaweed, pink pepper and caffeine.

But what do we really expect from a cream?

Can they really do miracles?

If you have tried them you know with certainty that body creams cannot do miracles, but surely if used consistently and if associated with proper physical activity and nutrition, they can greatly improve the appearance and definition of the skin, thanks to the massage required for the application.

Rodial Super Fit Size Zero

Satisfied with the result of Rodial Neck Cream, I have bought the Super Fit size zero toning cream that with the addition of vitamin E and pro-sveltyl helps combat cellulite and liquid retention, to try it on my thighs, hips and abdomen.

I used the cream every day, twice a day for a month and I am very satisfied with the result, the skin is more compact and smooth.

Silky texture and easily absorbable leaves the skin soft and hydrated ,  can also  be used as a moisturizer.

I recommend it.

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