Facial mask La Mer: hydration and revitalization

women over fifty: lifting mask Not Only Twenty

Today post , dear friends, is devoted to the importance of facial mask, the body part most exposed to atmospheric agents and the part that  we first show to others.

It is therefore essential to take care of using nutrient and moisturizing creams, but this may not be enough.

Over the years, skin tends to dehydrate and lose tone and consistency, especially the very delicate skin of neck and face. We know and experience it firsthand, unfortunately. So to cope with the severity of gravity often it takes special treatments.

How does the face mask work?

Unlike creams, the mask is made up of a basic element that can convey the active ingredients contained in the mask.

The active ingredients are many and adapt to all skin needs and types.

We overforty should choose the revitalizing and moisturizing masks, which can provide moisture for dry skin, and protection against atmospheric agents, which can best assist the penetration of the active ingredients contained therein.

The mask is applied on carefully cleaned skin with a brush or fingers, then massaged (depending on the type), left in pose for 10 to 20 minutes and then removed with a tissue or with water.

The frequency of the application depends on the type of mask: it ranges from a daily frequency to a monthly.

The lifting and firming mask of La Mer

The mask I used in the last month is La Mer Lifting and Firming Mask, which guarantees what it promises.

 La Mer uses the Miracle Broth, a formulation set up by aerospace physicist Max Huber, studying and fermenting the sea kelp.

If you have tried the moisturizer, you know it is really exceptional, the skin becomes more toned tangibly.

The mask, like all La Mer products, contains the Miracle Broth.

The application is done with a brush. Once applied, the mask is massaged immediately and allowed to act for 10 minutes, no need to remove excess because you will see that the skin can absorb it all.

The face looks brighter and younger, the skin looks silky. To emphasize the result, I suggest applying moisturizer immediately after the mask.

I found it great and I would recommend it to everyone. The only neo is given by the price of 250 Dollars, maybe a bit too high. However, since it is one of the most important parts of our body, sometimes it’s worth spending a little extra.

women over fifty: lifting mask Not Only Twenty


lifting mask for over forty Not Only Twenty


lifting mask for over forty Not Only Twenty


women over fifty: lifting mask Not Only Twenty


lifting mask for over forty Not Only Twenty



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