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Last summer, strolling around Florence with my friend Elisa, we went to a shop in via della Spada to pick up a pair of earrings she had fallen in love with.

The shop was Aprosio: jewelry and accessories made exclusively with glass and crystal beads.

A wonder for the eyes, but taken in a hurry to do a thousand things all in one day, the visit did not last long.

Since then I had promised to go back to the shop to better observe the wonders contained and to know the person who had created all this.

Two days ago I went back to visit the shop that moved to via del Moro, near Santa Maria Novella, and I met the sweet lady Mrs. Ornella Aprosio who told me the story of her passion.

Ornella opened her shop in 1993, being literally in love with objects created with glass and crystal  beads , opposing the negative opinion of all those who thought she could not have to live by selling beads.

Ed Ornella was right: her collections presented each year in Paris are beautiful and highly appreciated also in Japan.

 In Florence shopping between glass  and crystal beads

Aprosio is a forge of beautiful things.

Ornella designs all the items: handbags, necklaces, earrings, belts, shawls and many other things that make a great show in the store.

All the items   are handmade by Florentine craftswomen: sewn, woven, tufted … you can only be charmed by the skill of Mrs. Ornella designer and the Florentine “artists” who make the items from her designs.

Unique pieces handmade

To make an example, the shawl is made by sling the beads on the cashmere yarn and then worked by knitting, distributing the beads with mastery.

What about the golden bucket full of shells or the pink  one with white lances or  the black purse with red and gold embroideries, a necklace with colored flowers or the one with the mimosa: to remain gobsmacked.

All unique pieces you cannot find anywhere in the world.

I have bought earrings with the starfish, but I must confess that the choice was really difficult and you can see it from the photos, I tried almost all the earrings, I wanted to buy them all, and not just those!

accessori fatti a mano Not Only Twenty

Ornella Aprosio

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Handmade accessories Not Only Twenty


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accessori fatti a mano Not Only Twenty


accessori fatti a mano Not Only Twenty


accessori fatti a mano Not Only Twenty



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accessori fatti a mano Not Only Twenty

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