Summer…Ice cream desire

Dear friends, Monday is the day of My Style , but the summer holidays  have imposed a variation on the schedule of the post so that the look is postponed to tomorrow.


We are in the middle of summer, many of us are already on holiday and who is not is doing the countdown to go.

Because of this hot, we have ice cream desire , but it is not always easy to find the right ice cream!

Where ice cream is handmade

At Bracchetti: ice cream parlor, but mostly chocolate budding shop, in downtown Tivoli, ice cream is different.

When everything moves at a speed exaggerated , Bracchetti takes on the old way of making ice cream: everything is hand-assembled.

Anna and Renato Marinelli carry forward with determination the quality and the method of Bracchetti: just try one of their products to understand the difference between a handmade ice cream and those made industrially.

Here the ice cream is served only in the cup because it does not contain thickeners and other ingredients that serve to improve the “stability” of the product, it would not stick to the cone at the first lick.

The chocolate pudding is exquisite as it is creamy and is served with just as good cream; ice creams and fruit or coffee granites are a part of Bracchetti products because you can also have pies and tarts on your order.

The granite of coffee with cream: fabulous

I have tasted the granite of coffee with cream and I was impressed by its consistency: not the usual granite that looks crushed ice, sometimes roughly, with coffee, but a coffee-flavored cream that melts in the mouth leaving delicious taste sensations .

Adding cream, hand-mounted, leads to ecstasy. I’ve never eaten anything better.

The ice cream parlour opens at 4pm until midnight.

From Rome on the way out …

If you are on holiday in Rome, take a day to go out. Go to Tivoli, where you can admire the remains of the sumptuous dwelling that the Emperor Hadrian wanted, or Villa d’Este, with its wonderful fountains; then stop at Bracchetti…I’m sure you will remember me.

ice cream Not Only Twenty

Chocolate pudding and behind Anna preparing my granite



ice cream Not Only Twenty

Renato, the ice cream maker


ice cream Not Only Twenty

Chocolate pudding and coffee granite with cream


ice cream Not Only Twenty

I apologize for the photos that were made in a rush (behind us were the people in line for the ice cream) with the artificial light and the last one, out at night, but I couldn’t miss to talk about them.







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