Trendy shoes for the summer: what to choose?

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The world of fashion is not only confined to the outfits, but designers also give their  best  in accessories.

Shoes, essential to create a consistent outfit, are a part of clothing that we should not underestimate.

Have you ever bought  sandals that you fell in love with at first sight and then never had them worn because they were uncomfortable or badly hurt?

It happens more often than you think.

And not always the expensive pair of shoes are  the most comfortable.

The time to buy trendy shoes

This period, the season of sales, is the perfect time to buy trendy shoes.

Do you need sandals? Or do you prefer ballerinas or décolleté?

The choice can be made not only by necessity, but also by thinking of style. It’s the ideal time to buy a timeless shoe that you can wear for the next few years. Or even to buy a model you saw during the spring and of which you were in love.

You know: discounts range from 30% and up to 50% on some models and brands, the only disadvantage is that you don’t always find your number.

But the choice is so wide that you’ll be sure to find what’s right for you.

How to choose the right shoes

Usually, I do this: when I see shoes I like, I immediately think of what matches can be with my clothes.

The heels shouldn’t be too high (as far as I’m concerned, I cannot walk properly with a heel higher than 8 centimetres) and, if possible, not too thin. Only with high heels of 7 centimetres  I can even wear thin ones.

If there is a plateau is better, because it is more convenient to walk in the streets made of stones of our beautiful Italian cities.

The most important part is try on the shoe in question: it must be of the right size!

If it is not comfortable do not take it!

I’ve been through several times to get shoes that clench, thinking that the skin would have become wider, but I assure you that my feet have surrendered before!

Remember that not all models and not all brands wear the same way, different shoes can be used with different sizes, hence the importance of trying on what you have chosen.

Also consider the fact that our streets are not like the store floor and there is nothing worse than seeing women stagger on the heels.

If you like shoes that you have seen in online sites (there are great ones), do not worry if they don’t seem so comfortable and / or beautiful as you thought you always have the ability to send them back.

Here is a list of shoes I would like to have in my wardrobe: sabot embroidered like those by Gianna Meliani or flat with black pompom like those by Sanay1313 or those also suitable in Autumn by Clergerie for Portraits. Precious sandals such as those of Rochas or Altuzarra, those to be worn all day by Lemarè, Chi Mihara or Simone Rocha and those with plateau: the Tory Burch for the sea and the Prada with dresses. Finally, the decolleté, there is no doubt here: only one, that by Prada with the hearts!

ageless shoes not only twenty

Gianna Meliani


how to choose shoes Not Only Twenty



shoes at every age not only twenty

Clergerie for Portraits

shoes at every age not only twenty



shoes at every age not only twenty



ageless shoes not only twenty



ageless shoes not only twenty

Chie Mihara


how to choose shoes Not Only Twenty

Simone Rocha


how to choose shoes Not Only Twenty

Tory Burch


ageless shoes not only twenty


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