How to change looks without changing style

There are women ,like me, who need to change style and always dress differently to feel good and women who, while changing their clothes and accessories, remain loyal to their style.

Marzia, the protagonist of today street style, is one of these.

Always attentive to the matching colors and accessories, Marzia loves the wide cropped pants, shirts and jackets.

If you take a look at the street style archive – eh, yes, because I photographed her several times just for her elegance! – you can see her with different outfit, but always consistent with her style.

Style and self-esteem

This reflects what I always support: everyone must feel good about what she wears.

The dress is a means of extending our personality, so we cannot wear clothes that we like, if we look them worn by other women, but with which we do not feel comfortable.

Wearing what we “feel” gives us security and makes us satisfied with what we are.

The choice of accessories

This self-confidence perfectly resembles Marzia’s clothing, which today offers us a natural, rope and leather colors  outfit.

The wide cropped pants have a light blue longitudinal line and the jacket a print that looks like the texture obtained with woven strings.

The white shirt is worn out of pants.

Accessories are a key element for Marzia, who shows a neckline and a black knit scarf, like shoes.

Beautiful Paula Cademartori bag with colored scarf in the shoulder strap.

It is impossible to find something that does not match with each other, either by color or by design. Brava Marzia, we love you so much.

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Rita Palazzi
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