A lipstick for summer: which color to choose

which lipstick for summer not only twenty

Dear friends, are you too lipstick lovers or do you prefer natural style, as Valentino and Louis Vuitton propose?

Or do you like to emphasize your lips with a neutral color for a bare look like they chose Blumarine, Versace and Saint Laurent?

Or are you for  plain red like Dolce & Gabbana, Simone Rocha and For Restless Sleepers?

The choice is immense and not easy, in fact it depends heavily on the complexion, the way you dress and the type of make up you want to give to your eyes. And not only. It’s also related to how you feel, how do you decide to look, whether you want a soap and water make up or whether you want to attract attention on a part of your face or on the whole. Whether it is an evening make up or daily.

First Step: which lipstick to choose

The first thing to do is to determine which lipstick to choose.

Being a lipstick eater, in the sense that after a few hours I have less than half on my lips, my advice is to buy Smashbox lipsticks.

Long-lasting and very moisturizing on the lips.

To be safer on the grip, I usually use a  lip pencil of the same color on all my lips and apply lipstick on it.

I assure you that in this way you can also eat without problems!

And now: nude, pink or red lipstick?

I often go to the perfume shop and try the lipsticks with attractive colors on my hand.

Do not make this mistake, your lips are darker than your hand, and the color that you like so much in the shop could be completely different once lying on your lips. So the advice is to try it directly on your lips, this will allow you to also appreciate the consistency besides the color.

And now to you the choice based on what you like, your dressing style, but above all to what best suits your complexion and your lips.

Good fun!

I forgot, do you want to know which one I will choose?

Reds in all shades!


nude look style Not Only Twenty


nude look style Not Only Twenty

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