Holidays: what to pack (if you have little space)

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The day of the holidays is approaching, hurrah! You cannot wait, but there is a thought that continues to torment you: what to put in your suitcase? You would like to bring all the wardrobe, but you know it’s not possible, you have to make choices, the luggage is so small!

Don’t worry, there are no problems, I’m here to advise you. To prepare the perfect suitcase is an art, and in these years I’ve worked out a perfect technique. Also because my husband and I love traveling on motorcycles, we do beautiful on the road, but the luggage space is really small. And when I go on vacation to the sea, or I go on some trip, I love having everything I need with me. I do not want to give up anything.

Of course: the flower dress with red shoes and the Chanel, the black pants with the platform shoes , the yellow bag and maybe the jacket match great with everything, that if it is fresh it can be useful …

So you can imagine the amount of things I “have to carry” with me!

Be feminine even if the luggage is small

When we go for a motorbike vacation, the luggage spaces are really small and I have to organize myself with mastery and decide what to put up and what to wear.

I would never accept a vacation without having the possibility to change dress every night.

In this, the big bikes help greatly because of the large bags that can be attached to the frame, but I still have to try to load everything well, because I have a one meter and ninety centimetres  tall husband, wearing a shoe number 45!

The secret of the perfect suitcase is to play on pairs: build your look in advance, thinking of how to match your items crossing the chances.

How to prepare the perfect suitcase

Fortunately, in summer,  garments are smaller and lighter, which saves us a lot of space.

I show you what I prepared  for my ten days holiday on the Amalfi Coast.

First of all, I chose clothes that could withstand being folded without the need to iron them once pulled out of the bags.

Magline, jersey, embossed, viscose fabrics.

The dresses in the photos, which do not make them worthy, have just been removed from the luggage, but you see clearly that they are not crumpled and there are no creases.

In addition to the clothes, there are a pair of black high heel sandals, a pair of  plateau sandals in leather color and a black and gold flat sandals, which can be well matched with all the items I’ve brought. In  addiction two bags: a black and a pink powder and a foldable shopping.

For the rest, sea and day clothing I leave to you the choice …

But if I told you that I brought with me even four bikinis , three cover up, two pairs of shorts and three tank tops, four complete underwear, a sweater, sunscreen, face and body creams, make up, sunglasses and reading glasses, three books and … much more, would you believe it?

Because preparing luggage is an art.


Perfect suitcase Not Only Twenty


Perfect suitcase Not Only Twenty


Perfect suitcase Not Only Twenty


Perfect suitcase Not Only Twenty


the art of packing Not Only Twenty


the art of packing Not Only Twenty



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