Wear pois and animalier

Wear different prints without losing elegance

mix di fantasie Not Only Twenty

We are now accustomed to the mix of different colors and fantasies offered by the various designers, but how many of us would wear matches that on paper can somehow clash one against the other? Because catwalks are one thing and real life is another.

Not many of us, also, resemble the physical form of the  top models that are very tall and very lean.

Since we mature and curvy women, overworked and happy exist, here is how we can wear something of an impact, but at the same time have style and elegance.

Look for your own style

If you follow my posts, you know that I like to dare, but because that reflects my personality. Each of us has to look for own style, which makes us feel good with ourselves, my advice is: do not be ashamed, do not be afraid, dress up according to your inspiration.

The rules that where we are over fifty we can wear only that kind of garmentents, to me are narrow.

Since I am curvy and my body is no longer that of twenty years ago, I will not wear the short skirts that I used to dress, but why not fantasies,  tight dresses, necklines and more? For me, it is valid all that, in the mirror, reflects a harmonic figure, whatever it is.

How to wear a mix of prints

Returning to our mix of prints let’s see how to match pois with the leopard, maybe with the help of the accessories.

First choose a dark print with small balls and, if you have weight problems, break the  print  with a plain color.

I wear a black shirt with small white balls, with ruches on the sleeves (I like something, even a little bit coquettish), broken in black straight pants.

The sandals have small ruches, which recall the top sleeves, but if you have a pair of black sandals with heels it’s the same.

The animal print bag is a piece of big effect, look at the outfit, it does not look bad, right?

I think this outfit can be worn indifferently from 20 to 90 years.

overfifty style Not Only Twenty


fashion over fifty Not Only Twenty


mix prints notonlytwenty


stampe fantasia notonlytwenty


how to mix prints not only twenty


mix prints not only twenty


fashion over fifty not only twenty


mix prints not only twenty



fashion over fifty not only twenty


fashion over fifty not only twenty


fashion over forty not only twenty


style over forty not only twenty


I  wear

top Dolce&Gabbana

pants handmade by me and my friend Luigina

bag Dolce&Gabbana

shoes Chie Mihara

earrings Dolce&Gabbana

photo Alice Turchini


Rita Palazzi
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