Trend summer 2017: tropical


How we will dress this summer

One of the must-have of the summer season is the tropical print.

Already the name reminds  of exotic animals, succulent fruits and scented flowers. Not only these,  but it remind me of Caribbean dances, the blue of the ocean, and a multitude of bright colors, as in a highlighted rainbow.

Palm trees, colorful flowers, parrots blend in clothing prints.


How to wear tropical

We can wear total tropical  or with  a plain color garment that complete the outfit to “dampen” the strength of prints and colors.

The choice depends on how we feel wearing such a brilliant clothing.

What I recommend is the combination with flat sandals, such as slippers or, if you want heels, at most, you can wear sandals with plateau.

Super colored bag: yellow, fuchsia, blue or neutral colors.

Given the eccentricity of the designs I would match small earrings, or better, without earrings.

Who can wear exotic print

I’m firmly convinced that each of us can wear this kind of print.

The attention we have to make, if we are curvy women, is to avoid the fattening effect given by the print.

To do this we have a variety of options: avoid the total tropical by combining pants or tops in plain colors or choose a lesser-looking print or choose a dress from the soft line as a kaftan.

Dust coat, in my opinion, is good for all, thin and curvy women.

The total tropical with large and very colorful prints is good only for lean women.

So, dear friends, to you the choice!

Because we are, real women, those who get up early in the morning to go to work, those who have to take care of their children, those always worn out among washing machines, ironing and cooking meals, and they barely can carve out a bit of time for themselves, but who want to be and feel beautiful, we are the ones who will decree whether the trend will really be a trend or not.











Rita Palazzi
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