Style and personality

We have already talked about mood-like style and how to dress on the choice of the moment, as well as a game.

There are individual characteristics that we cannot prescind from, even in clothing.

The thing that determines our way of dressing, in addition to our aesthetic taste, is our personality.

Personality as the set of intellectual and psychological characteristics of an individual, which determine her/his interaction with the environment.

It is difficult to see shy people wearing a kind of flashy clothing or people with a fiery character to wear unshaped clothes

How to mix clothes: Anna’s style

Beautiful Anna reflects the union of personality and style.

A person with a strong, determined character and with the awareness of what she wants, add to this kindness and respect for nature and for others.

This strength looks well from her sophisticated and feminine outfits.

The addition of right accessories gives even more incisiveness to the ensemble.

In today’s outfit, long leather gloves play a crucial role, as the male shoes in slipper version.

In this photo Anna shows us how a vest, combined with appropriate accessories, can give birth to an original look of great impact.

Also remarkable is the addition of brown scarf by Dries Van Noten.

With her great personality and aesthetic taste, she can perfectly mix new items with old things, creating new and incisive looks.

Bravissima Anna!

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