Rome the eternal city: remembering

I love Rome, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

There are so many attractions. Squares, fountains, gardens, theaters, shops, museums, the list of things to see and do in Rome is infinite, not to mention places to eat.

That’s why every time that happens, I take advantage of it to spend some days there, excited like a little girl in a toy store.

Occasionally my husband has to go, for work, in the capital and I take the opportunity to go there.

The thousand things to do in Rome

We usually choose the hotel in the area between Via Veneto and Villa Borghese because it is easy to reach and because it allows me to walk around the center making beautiful walks.

Even without any programming, it is possible to find really interesting exhibits and solo shows, it has happened to me to go to the Scuderie del Quirinale  and find a Helmut Newton solo exhibit. Being a lover of photography, nudes and Newton ,you can imagine my contentment.

Walking in the parks that enrich the city is another thing that I really enjoy,  Villa Borghese park is very beautiful, although it is not kept as it deserves, one of the most spectacular is the Gianicolo with its breathtaking terrace.

If the parks look too green to you, you have to immerse yourself in the downtown streets to see a number of fountains, statues, archeological sites who do not have the same in the world.

At Rome when it rains

But what if it suddenly begins to rain?

That is what happened when the photo was taken, my husband and me were walking when a rain came out, almost a flood.

But nothing scary, just enter a bar to shelter yourself from the rain and discover the charm of Imperial Rome.

what to do in rome not only twenty


Rita Palazzi
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