Kittens: remembering

Cats and me

Gattini Not Only Twenty

the five kittens born from Cleopatra and Zagor


When I was young I didn’t have a great passion for animals.

I thought that having cats at home was a little healthy, even though I had a red cat as a child.

It’s just to please my husband, who loves cats, that I’m convinced to bring home a kitten.

In the early months I did not want the promiscuity that is created when you have an animal, so I stressed the poor animal with a thousand prohibitions:  no here, no there  and so on …

No doubt it has become hysterical.

When after about six months Cleopatra, our kitten, went on heat, making strange pimples and clinging to my husband’s legs as it had ever done before, we decided to find her a male for mating.

At that time in the apartment in front of ours there was a girl with a big unsterilized Maine Coon, who was usually throwing lures at Cleopatra from its terrace toward our terrace.


Cats and the art of courtship

Combined this marriage, I went to take the cat bought at a feline exhibition.

When the owner gave it to me I was about to drop it because of its weight, I don’t know if you know the Maine Coon breed, they are enormous, long-haired and lovely cats.

Ingenuously, I left Zagor in the house together with Cleopatra.

As soon as it caught sight of my cat it started marking the territory to prove its masculinity with sprinkles smelly everywhere, horrified, I took both cats and closed them in the terrace. Have you ever seen the approach between two cats?

I had a lot of fun. Cleopatra, making the dumb, showed the back to Zagor by buckling its  back and moving its tail sideway, rolling to the ground with lascivious air; Zagor went the blood to the brain and tried to mount it, but she retreated to scratch it. The whole thing went on for about an hour, then he gave her a bite on the neck and they mated.

Exhausted I brought the cat back to the owner thinking that we had come to the end of the story, but I had deluded.

In the evening, my husband reading about  cats to know when they would be,more or less, born kittens, found that the first mate serves to stimulate ovulation, the second for fertilization!

Noooo, there was a need for a second mate!



I have to say that the second day has gone better, everything was faster.

And as  in a manual after 63 days Cleopatra wanted to give birth to her little ones on our bed!

After several times up and down from the bed it was convinced that it could be good  to do that in a basket prepared for the occasion, but it was supposed to be close to the bed.

Five kittens were born, one different from  the other, who have cheered our days for two months, the time needed before they have been distributed among the various friends.

It goes without saying that when we came to give away the last kitten we wonder why we had to deal with this punishment and we held it!

Rita Palazzi
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