Curvy women and happiness: impossible binomial?

Vanessa Incontrada and Rihanna: too much pounds and happiness

It is  in these days the controversy over the weight of Spanish actress Vanessa Incontrada and singer Rihanna.

Web insults were heavy for both women to have gained a few pounds.

Given that extremes, obese and anorexic, are pathologies and dangerous to health, the  range of weight that is between these two extremes should be accepted by all of us.

But not everyone agrees with me; covered by the anonymity of the web, many folk go against famous and common people , judging them only by their weight.

Yet many women are happy even if their body mass index (BMI) does not make them mannequin; then what is it that  make men and, unfortunately, women angry at the sight of “too much pounds” ?

I do not know how to answer dear friends; if you have it I thank you if you want to share it with me.

I’m curvy and I’m happy

I often asked  my male friends if they considered fat that kind of women but the answer was always negative. Indeed, many of them told me to be strongly attracted to the female curves.

Often are women to criticise other women and  they are happy if the gossip magazine shows them the model’s or actress‘s cellulite, as if that brought them to the same level in terms of sex-appeal.

I honestly do not understand; who of us has never gained weight ?

And why cannot we be happy and be desirable regardless of our weight, whatever it is?

For personal experience, having gained 7/8 kilos since I was twenty, I can say that I feel so well and that my social life and my relationships with others have not changed at all.

What is your experience?

I forgot to say that for me, Vanessa Incontrada and Rihanna are two beautiful women.

donne curvy e felicità Not Only Twenty

Vanessa Incontrada e Carlo Conti photo via Gossipland


Curvy women and happiness Not Only Twenty

Rihanna photo via LaRepubblica


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