Acupuncture as an anti-aging?

over fifty beauty not only twenty

Acupuncture once sneezed by traditional medicine has been enthusiastically included in the possibility of treatment for several pathologies ranging from orthopaedic to neurological, to those of internal organs.

Until here nothing strange, but can acupuncture help us in the fight against wrinkles?

Improve your appearance

People in their forties and fifties know well that the skin of our face and neck begins to show  wrinkles and the contour of the face becomes less defined. This gives our face an air of fatigue that often does not correspond to our state.

As you know, I am a proponent of the women  beauty , of all women even the older ones like me, and of the acceptance of ourselves as a first step to having a happy life.

Having said this as a premise, it doesn’t seem to me  contradictory the desire to improve one’s appearance, indeed I consider it a small dose of vanity that makes us feel alive and beautiful.

My encounter with aesthetic acupuncture

I recently met by chance, while I was expecting to visit with another physician, my friend Cecilia, an acupuncture physician.

We talked together and at one point  she told me she was using acupuncture for aesthetic treatments with great results.

As you can imagine, knowing the goodness and professionalism of doctor Lucenti , I immediately took an appointment.

How does aesthetic acupuncture work?

Acupuncture lifting is given by small needles inserted in the skin, stimulating the nerve that causes dermis contraction, and stimulating blood circulation,  improving the tone of the muscles, the skin appears more compact and luminous.

You will notice improvements from the first session.

But do not expect acupuncture makes you go back in time, it will help you remove that tired appearance  that have mature faces without distorting your sembiance.
After five sessions I am fully satisfied and I also recommend to you dear friends. It goes without saying that the choice of the doctor is fundamental.

look better Not Only Twenty

Here is the live video of the treatment, sorry for the audio




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