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Good night stories for rebel girls

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On March 8,  Women’s Day, the book Good night stories for rebel girls arrived to Italy.

This book, written by two Italian women resident in the United States, has become the literary case of the year. The two writers used crowdfunding, collective funding to support a project , for the creation of their book of fairy tales.

Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo collected more than a million dollars in just 28 days, involving 70 nations.

What motivated the supporters?

This is what Elena and Francesca wrote on the kickstarter page of their project:

“Because we are girls. Our entrepreneurial journey made us understand how important it is for girls to grow up surrounded by female role models. It helps them to be more confident and set bigger goals. We realized that 95% of the books and TV shows we grew up with, lacked girls in prominent positions. We did some research and discovered that this didn’t change much over the past 20 years, so we decided to do something about it.”

Hence the protagonists of the stories, rebel girls who, stubbornly, have tried to assert themselves fulfilling their desires in spite of preconceptions and social rules that relegated women to predetermined and subordinate roles.

Who are the protagonists of the stories

Here are therefore  heroines not taken from the fantasy, but real women, who with their tenacity and rebellion against the system realized their dreams.

From Coco Chanel to Michelle Obama. From Saudi Arabian Manal Al-Sharif exhorting other girls to drive in a country where women‘s driving was forbidden, Nina Simone, baby girl who gives her first piano concert  when she was 12 and interrupted it when her parents , seated in the front row, were forced to leave their chairs  for whites. From Rita Levi Montalcini to Evita Peròn. From Grace O’Malley, the girl in love with the stormy sea that became a pirate to Irena Sendlerowa, who managed to save 2500 Jewish children from Nazi persecution.

Short stories, just over twenty lines to describe the strength and tenacity of the protagonists, all enclosed in a page. On the next page the portraits of the protagonists drawn by artists around the world.

Do not expect great stories, but take the book for what it is: fables where children, especially girls, can recognize and find inspiration.

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