What to wear at 50

OVER FIFTY style not only twenty
There are many philosophies, dear friends, about what to wear at 50.

My conviction is that we can wear everything we like, without anyone else making rules for us.

I mean that each of us should express her personality and mood using fashion to show them. And each of us is different from the other.

Tall, short, thin, shapely, curvy, brown, blond, red,  white each with her own physical characteristics and with her own character, we can not give the same rules for all just referring to age!

My exhortation is: do what makes you happy.

Many will still have to complain: every day, women’s magazines criticise  the French  premiere dame, Mrs. Macron, for her clothes too short at her age, for example.

So the advice is to choose what you like and fit well your body, regardless of age.

 Dress trendy  at 50

Last week I talked about tropical print as a trend for summer 2017.

I want to show you how to choose and wear tropical print at 50.

The look I choose consists of a half-length sleeveless top and a pair of wide leg cropped pants.

The jersey fabric  is soft, really comfortable and suitable for all sizes.

On the front of the top and on a pants leg are parrots drawn over a leaf on dark blue.

I tried on  the pants with a white shirt with a sash and I must say that the set was very nice. You can then match your top and pants together or with something different, of your choice.

I, being not so tall, usually wear wide-leg pants with high-heeled (and comfortable) sandals so that they soar the figure.

Matching with colorful earrings makes everything very exotic.

over fifty look not only twenty


how to wear at fifty Not Only Twenty


fashion over fifty not only twenty


what to wear Not Only Twenty


fashion at 50


fashion at 50 not only twenty


style for curvy not only twenty


style for curvy not only twenty


fashion over fifty not only twenty


fashion over forty rita palazzi


I wear

top and pants Norma Kamali

sandals and bag Marni

earrings Giuggiù di Angela Caputi

rings Marco Bicego

sunglasses Dior

photo Alice Turchini

you can buy top and pants at Franceschini Boutique in Siena


Rita Palazzi
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