Top models too thin out of the catwalk

Not too thin top models in France

Modelle troppo magre Not Only Twenty

France rebelled at the “too lean” on the catwalk.

It is a few days since the approval of the law confirming that top models will need a  medical certificate that  declares they don’t suffer from food disturbances.

The certificate will take into account the Body Mass Index (BMI) that correlates body mass with height. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the BMI features four categories ranging from underweight to obesity.

In addition, magazines that publish Photoshop-manipulated photos to increase women’s thinness will have to declare that the photos have been retouched.

Who do not comply with the law has to pay fines, that can reach 75,000 euros and six months of imprisonment.

Young people and eating disorders

The law draws attention to eating disorders, mainly anorexia, 90% of people affect from this disorder are adolescents.

Young people too often misled by aesthetic standards incompatible with health.

According to French politicians, the message that the models send with their thinness can not be a message of well-being and health.

MP Valerie Boyer said: “We want to combat the stereotyped picture that all women are young and thin, these photos can lead people to believe in a reality that does not exist at present: many young people, especially girls, do not know the difference between virtual and real, and may develop complexes from very young age – this in some cases leads to anorexia and bulimia as well as serious health problems”.

Not Only Twenty encourages true women

Not Only Twenty has always been a spokesperson for true women, who accept themselves as they are regardless of weight, just because each of us is unique and wonderful. I hope that this thought is also adopted by young people so that they are not manipulated by certain myths of beauty that are unrealistic and contrary to psychophysical well-being.

modelle troppo magre



modelle troppo magre Not Only Twenty

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