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In today’s post I want to advise you a handbag that we must have in our wardrobe for its versatility: the clutch.

The term defines a small, elegant bag in the form of an envelope.

Currently the clutches have many shapes and sizes, but all resemble the envelopes for the low depth. For this form they cannot contain much, and, other small disadvantage, having neither a handle nor a shoulder need to be held in hand or, at best, underarm.

The great advantage is the adaptability to different looks and more it has no season: it can be used indifferently summer and winter.

For a long time, it was considered a bag too elegant for the day, but by now these rules can be completely disregarded.


The clutch and the many combinations

You’ve seen my red Carven handbag several times. I bought it two years ago during the winter sales , because I was very fascinated by its color and I was convinced that I would use it a lot and that was how it was.

I remember the first time I used it was for the Firenze4ever event organized by Luisa via Roma. Party with a theme: the east and gold, my little red bag was perfect on black and gold long dress.

A totally different combination but I really like it is with jeans and leather jacket.  As I have told you many times, I like to sdrammatize a look with something that contrasts the style. In this case, the rock style of clothing is softened by high sandals and clutches in this day outfit.

Perfect with multicolored fancy dresses like the Dolce & Gabbana Sicilian carts or the hand-made skirt from my friend Luigina.
Dresses that you can wear for a dinner, a cocktail, an event, but also for a walk with friends.

Ideal if worn with ethnic fantasy in yellow and orange tones for a day look.
You also saw it in the last post in an oriental style outfit.
And these are just some of the possible combinations that you can afford with a clutch, so I recommend buying one.

Pochette Carven Not Only Twenty



the bag to buy not only twenty



Carven clutch over fifty style



the clutch to buy not only twenty



the bag to buy not only twenty



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